A personal profile in your resume

A recruiter sees many resumes passing by every day. These often meet the required knowledge and experience. But how can you distinguish yourself and ensure that your resume is a good reflection of your personality? With a personal profile in your resume you add that little bit of extra information.

What is a personal profile?

A personal profile is a short introduction about yourself. For example, you indicate what type of person you are, what you are good at and where your ambitions lie. You do this in about four to six short sentences. With this convincing description, recruiters can estimate whether you as a person fit the position and organization.

How do I write a personal profile?

Writing a personal profile is not always easy. Before you start, there are a number of questions you should be able to answer for yourself:

  • What am I good at?
  • What are my personal characteristics
  • What are my ambitions?
  • What gives me energy?
  • What sets me apart?

Now try to summarize the answers to the above questions in a short and catchy story of about four to six sentences. Use characteristics that apply specifically to you. And also substantiate these characteristics. For example, are you creative? Then let it emerge how this manifests itself.

Tips to write a good profile:

To be able to write a good personal profile, there are a few points that you must take into account:

  • Write in the first person
  • Avoid clichés
  • Choose original language that suits you
  • Do not list but a well-running story
  • Adapt the profile to the vacancy you are applying for
  • Keep it short and clear

Where do you place a personal profile in your curriculum vitae?

You have written a short story that describes you as a person. But where do you place a profile in your personal resume? Because you want your story to be immediately visible to the reader, place it at the top of your resume. That way you immediately attracted attention.