Do you have a vacancy that isn’t filled in yet? Are you looking for project-based support? G-Nius will search together with you for the right professional for your company. Together we ensure the perfect match between you as a client and the right professional.

  • Our competence

    We value personal involvement and commitment. With our knowledge and experience we create a tailor-made solution, suited to your demands and wishes. We have an extensive network of competent professionals, each and everyone with their own expertise in different fields. G-Nius strives to remain frequent contact with their professionals to make sure that our network and database is up-to-date. This allows us to quickly meet your needs with suitable and available professionals.

  • Your genius

    When filling in a vacancy and the deployment of temporary professionals, we always ask input from you as a client. By listening to your vision, ideas and expectations, we get a good view of what you are looking for. Therefore, G-Nius will provide the optimal result.

  • Win-win

    G-Nius aims at all times to a shared goal, a win-win situation for you as for our professional. We provide the right professional at the right place.