Digital G-Nius Pub Quiz 2021

On Friday January 29 it was time for the annual G-Nius event. At G-Nius, we believe it is important to do something fun with our employees at least once a year. This is a time to see each other again and get to know each other better. And every year we do this during a unique activity with delicious food and a drink at the end.

In this special time, we attach even more value to personal contact with our employees. That is why we have chosen to let the G-Nius event continue, but in a modified version.

This year we organized a digital drink with a pub quiz for the G-Nius team. During a G-Nius event, something tasty should of course not be missing. That is why we have put together a delicious box in collaboration with Big Boys. This is delivered to our employees’ homes to complete the evening.

There was a lot of laughter during the drink and everyone played fanatically during the quiz. Jelle has become the winner of the quiz. He was awarded the title of “G-nius of the year” on his last day of internship.

It was a successful (digital) outing. And we look forward to the next G-Nius event. Hopefully that will be a moment when we can really shake hands again.