G-Nius for freelance IT specialists

At G-Nius we notice that there is an increasing demand for IT professionals who can support our clients on a freelance or interim basis. It is, therefore, no exception for us that in addition to secondment and secofixed services, we also help our clients find the suitable IT freelancer.

In addition, we also help interim and freelance IT, specialists, to find challenging freelance IT assignments. With our large network, we have a lot of personal contact with hiring managers who are looking for support at the interface of business and IT. As a result, we know what is going on in the market and we can quickly help freelancers with new assignments.

Our working method is based on our PRIDE principle. This means that we attach great value to personal contact, respect, integrity, sustainability, and expertise. With this method, we want to build a solid and honest cooperation with our clients and our professionals. This way all parties know where they stand.

Are you looking for freelance IT assignments or for an IT professional who can temporarily support your department on a freelance basis? Please contact us on 073-610 14 69 or send an email to info@g-nius.nl. Our business managers are happy to look together at the possibilities that G-Nius can offer.