G-Nius Business Day 2021

G-Nius Business Day 2021

Thursday the 26th of November it was time for the annual G-Nius Business Day. During the business day, we looked back as a team to the past year and we focused on 2021. It was also a great moment for the team to see and speak to each other personally during this turbulent time.

Last year was a year that we had never experienced before. Full of good cheer and great plans, the new year started at G-Nius on January 1, 2020. The Dutch economy was running at full speed and G-Nius was ready to rock. These plans also included an expansion of the team. In March, Mike joined the team as Business Manager and in September, Suzanne started with the focus on marketing and communication.

At the end of February, disturbing noises came from China about COVID-19, the Coronavirus. When the virus also reached the Netherlands in March, there was a lockdown, just like in the rest of the world. This brought a lot of uncertainty and changes for everyone.

A number of things also changed at G-Nius. For example, we started working from home. That took some getting used to for us. Mainly because we consider personal contact with our relations important. Fortunately, our Business Managers do everything they can to stay in contact with our clients and professionals as much as possible. The use of video calls is therefore indispensable in our working method.

After the first wave and now in the second wave, it is clear that G-Nius has a strong position. By not only maintaining contact but also by continuing to listen to our relations, G-Nius has been able to invest extra in a solid collaboration.

Fortunately, we at G-Nius are all healthy. We have made great plans for 2021. During the G-Nius Business Day, our team presented these plans to each other. This has led to new insights and inspiration for next year.

We hope that we will be able to personally visit our relations again next year. And if that does not work, we will put even more energy into maintaining our contacts at a distance.

We look forward to a healthy and successful 2021!

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