G-NIUS Businessday 2018

Our 16th edition of our annual business day took place on the 30th of November 2017. On this day we looked back on 2017 and focused on the year 2018. A year in which we hope to work together with our employees and relations to achieve growth and success. This day was also a day to learn about ourselves but also from each other.

The day on the Haverlei began with a reflection on the goals of 2017. Then it was time for the business managers to present their goals for 2018 on which they got feedback from their colleagues. Eventually, those goals were put together to make an overview of the year 2018.

There were also presentations about new laws and regulations and the strategy of G-NIUS for the following year. In these presentations there was extra attention for GDPR and the changes in the labor legislation. These presentations gave the business managers the opportunity to obtain knowledge about these subjects.

At the end of the day the business managers went home with a clear picture of their goals for 2018. With the help of the business managers, this was another success in the history of G-NIUS.