G-Nius | Company outing

Last Saturday, January 26, we as team G-Nius enjoyed a great company outing where the virtual experience stood central. Together we have visited Europe’s largest VR (Virtual Reality) center in Eindhoven. During this VR experience the focus was on various games where teamwork and competition were combined. Through interaction in the VR, new talents were discovered, such as the fastest consultant composing burgers, but also the best shooting balloons with bow and arrow.

After this productive afternoon, we had a spectacular dinner at Dinner in Motion, also located in Eindhoven. In the 360 ​​degree restaurant we were particularly surprised by the beautiful images and the technology they used for the special effects. In addition to the beautiful experience, we enjoyed the delicious food which was presented in a playful manner. We look back on a beautiful and spectacular day where we have been able to enjoy all kinds of new technologies and where the virtual experience stood central. Amazing what technology can do.

We are already looking forward to next year!