G-Nius contributes

In the past, G-Nius structurally contributed to charities around the world. Currently we are committed as friends of John in Kenya. Hereby we support Fredric and his son John. John is in his second year of high school, the Chavakali high school. He only can go to school with the financial contributions from charities.

Fredric and Johan live in Chavakali, county region. Chavakali is located in the west of Kenya. In this part of Kenya, the largest part of the population is poor (62%). This means that they live below the poverty line and in many cases they don’t even have access to electricity. Most of the incomes mainly comes from the agricultural sector, however this is not accessible for everyone.

The Chavakali high school has been founded in 1910 and is a boys’ school. The school has a religious background and is only for the children in the neighbourhood.
The founders wanted a safe place for their children. The mission of the Chavakali high school: “quality education for life”.

In Kenya many people have it difficult. G-Nius considers it as a moral act to contribute to a better world by contributing such small projects.