G-Nius EK poule 2021 results

What a great action in the first 2 minutes by the England football team last night! Unfortunately, it remained with this one goal and Italy, after penalties, was crowned European champion on Sunday.

The players in our G-Nius poule also fought hard for the title. It was an exciting ending, but Joepbroeders managed to keep his first place. He has become the winner of the famous ‘G-Nius European Championship group’. Congratulations!

Veronie has retained second place with only 66 points behind. For someone who, in her own words, ‘just filled in something’, she has left the football fans here at the office far behind in the standings.

Michielpaes was the only one to predict that the final would end in a draw. Unfortunately, he was 6 points short of third place.

The compliments are also there for JDominicus. She also managed to place the football experts on the bench and takes off with a well-deserved third place.

RvanHal tried to take points with the surprising prediction 18-22 but unfortunately…. He has been beaten by his own girlfriend who he didn’t know had football knowledge in-house.

The prizes will be distributed, and we thank everyone for participating. We are looking forward to the World Cup which will take place in Qatar next year. Hopefully, the Netherlands will then be able to make it beyond the eighth finals.