G-Nius mini Business day 2020

The G-Nius mini Business day was held on Thursday 27 August in the Mengfabriek, in the former compound feedingfactory Van de Heus. The meeting took place in the striking square building with the tower on the Diezekade. During this semi-annual meeting, we looked back as a team at the successes achieved in recent months. It was a good time to discuss the current state of affairs. Especially after the uncertain time that the Corona crisis has entailed.

Of course we have also looked ahead to the coming months. Our business managers have presented their plans and objectives to close the year with good results.

We then boarded a sloop with which we sailed on the Stadsdommel, the Aa, Zuid-Willemsvaart city route, the Dieze and the Ertveldplas. During this cruise we enjoyed a delicious barbecue and had a drink.

It was a successful afternoon that gave us extra positive energy. And we look forward to the last months of this year. Do you want to know what G-Nius can do for you? Then look for the possibilities for professionals and clients on our website. Or contact one of our Business Managers.