IT secondment how does it work?

As a manager, you want an IT department that is always at full strength and can therefore continue to achieve optimal results. Sometimes there is a risk of a temporary shortage of IT professionals or knowledge within the company. IT secondment can then be a good solution, guaranteeing continuity within your company. In this blog we explain how IT secondment works and what the benefits are.

What is IT secondment

IT secondment means that a company makes its own IT professional temporarily available to a third party, the client. As a client, you temporarily hire an IT specialist. The professional remains employed by the IT secondment agency during this deployment. A seconded professional is therefore always certain of a fixed income.

The duration of the deployment depends on the duration of the project on which the specialist is working. It is also possible for clients to eventually hire an IT professional themselves. This can be done via a detavast construction.

When is IT secondment interesting

It may be that a lot is changing within your company. Think of large migration projects, busy periods or temporary leave of employees. As a manager, you naturally want this to have no effect on the performance of the department. Deploying IT professionals through IT secondment can be too perfect a solution for this.

By temporarily hiring specialists, you gain specific knowledge. These specialists can provide support and resolve outstanding issues. This way, your IT department will not come under pressure.

What are the benefits of IT secondment

One of the biggest advantages of hiring IT professionals through secondment is that they can often be deployed at short notice. Secondment is therefore an effective way to quickly fill in an open issue. With this you can always let your IT department perform at its best.

Advantages of IT secondment:

• Rapid fulfillment of temporary resource needs.
• Certainty of flexibility and quality.
• Extra support for temporary or long-term projects.
• Temporary replacement during leave.
• Secondment creates new insights.
• Specific knowledge and skills within reach.

What can G-Nius do for your company

As an IT secondment company, G-Nius mediates between the supply and demand of IT professionals. We specialize in matching clients with professionals who have industry-specific knowledge and experience in various fields.

With our many years of experience and large network, we know how to follow the right paths to be able to respond quickly to the demands of our clients. In addition, personal contact and involvement are paramount to us. By mapping out all the wishes and needs of clients, we can offer tailor-made solutions.

For G-Nius, every assignment is unique. We always strive to make the perfect match between client and IT professional.

During the secondment period, we maintain regular contact with our clients to evaluate project progress. We also keep in touch with our professional. In this way we keep our finger on the pulse and we can offer further support if necessary.

Do you want to know what we can offer for your company? Please contact us and we will tell you about the possibilities without obligation.