New intern: Corina Stam

It has already been three weeks since I walked through the doors of G-NIUS, so it is about time that I introduce myself. My name is Corina Stam, I am 19 years old and I live in Nieuwaal (a small town nearby Zaltbommel). As of the 28th of August I am the new intern of G-NIUS, a wonderful place to be of course. I spend my spare time drawing or taking pictures and ‘occasionally’ going out with my friends and family.

The upcoming 17 weeks are all about hard work, learning and of course a lot of fun. For my education Business Administration at the Avans University of Applied Science I will assemble a process optimisation plan. In that way I hope to contribute to the continuity of the organisation. I also expect to learn a lot from the G-NIUS professionals and all their experience in different consulting branches.