Press release | G-Nius contributes

Foodbank Limburg-Noord started the new year 2020 excellent. The organization received products and donations from various companies, including G-nius and schools. Chairwoman Gerda van Stelten was delighted with the gifts: ‘’The money is mainly being used for the investments that have direct priority. The replacement of the three motors in the refrigerated rooms alone will cost more than 15.000 euros. Beside that, we are working on the improvement of the storage, working adjustments and the redecorating of all the rooms. We as the Foodbank are really happy with all the donations, big or small. G-Nius from ‘s Hertogenbosch donated several Christmas packages while visiting the Foodbank, a gesture enabling us to make many people smile.’’ The Foodbank is proud of the community and thanks everyone for the amazing donations.