The benefits of IT secondment for employers

You are looking for IT professionals who can (temporarily) strengthen your department. You find it important that these professionals are quickly available and can achieve measurable results in the short term. IT secondment offers you these possibilities. But there are even more benefits of IT secondment for employers.

Benefits of IT secondment

One of the biggest advantages of hiring specialists through IT secondment is that they can often be deployed at short notice. Secondment is therefore an effective way to quickly fill in an open issue. With this you can always let your IT department perform to the maximum and continuity is guaranteed.

Secondment is an ideal solution for short or long-term projects to temporarily bring in professionals with specific knowledge. When you work with a secondment agency that specializes in IT secondment, such as G-Nius, you make use of their network. With this network and their knowledge and experience, they quickly find the right specialists who perfectly match your wishes.

Another great advantage of secondment is that interim professionals are quickly used to a new working environment. They are flexible and adapt quickly. This saves time. In addition, as outsiders, they have a fresh perspective that can provide new insights.

It is good to know that professionals who are seconded remain employed by the secondment agency. As an employer, they also run the employer’s risk, such as continued payment of wages in the event of illness or severance pay in the event of dismissal.

The benefits of IT secondment for employers:

– Quick fulfillment of temporary resource needs.

– Certainty of flexibility and quality.

– Extra support for temporary or long-term projects.

– Less financial risk.

– Temporary replacement during leave.

– Secondment creates new insights.

– Specific knowledge and skills at your fingertips.

IT secondment via G-Nius

At G-Nius we have specialized in IT secondment. We specialize in matching professionals and clients at the intersection of business and IT. We do this by offering support to clients in finding and deploying IT professionals. For short or long-term projects in the Netherlands but also far beyond.

With our years of experience and large network, we know how to follow the right paths to be able to respond quickly to the demands of our clients. In addition, personal contact and involvement are paramount to us. For G-Nius, every assignment is unique. By mapping out all the wishes and needs of clients, we can offer customization. And we always strive to make the perfect match between client and IT professional.

We maintain regular contact with our clients to evaluate project progress. We also keep in touch with our professionals. In this way, we keep our finger on the pulse and we can offer support quickly if necessary.

So, the benefits of IT secondment for employers are big. Do you want to know what we can offer your company? Please contact us and we will tell you about the possibilities without obligation.