The Coronacrisis | G-Nius

It has been a month since de first person in the Netherlands was ‘officially’ diagnosed with the Coronavirus. In the meantime there are many uncertanties and situations develop which are new to anyone. These new situations bring no difference in the way we support our clients and professionals.

We do have some extra tips for the upcoming period which we should highlight:
– Make goals for yourself;
– Stay in your rhytm;
– Exercise, it is crucial to remain active
– Keep the 1,5 meter distance
– Read the book you have been postponing
– Give your social contacts a call to maintain a good relationship

By addressing the tips above we can remain healthy and make the best out of this period. Together we will manage the Corona crisis.

If you have any questions regarding our services, please contact one of our Business Managers.

Keep up the good work!

Team G-Nius