What is IT seco-fixed?

Finding suitable professionals can be a difficult task. IT professionals are scarce, so finding the perfect match is often a time-consuming process.

In addition, investing in new professionals costs time and money. It is therefore important that specialists who join the team are a perfect match with the organization. With IT- seco-fixed, clients can bind qualified IT professionals for a longer period after a predetermined period of secondment. This guarantees the quality of an IT department.

How does seco-fixed work

We speak of a seco-fixed construction when a professional is seconded for a predetermined period. After this period, the client is given the opportunity to take over the professional.

The professional will therefore leave the employment of the secondment agency after the secondment period and enter the employment of the client.

This construction has two important advantages for clients, namely; no long-term commitments at the start and the professional can be assessed over a longer period of time.

Advantages of IT seco-fixed

– Fast filling of vacancies.
– Less employer risk.
– Continuity within the department.
– The right match.
– Lower recruitment costs.
– Possibility of free takeover of a professional.

IT seco-fixed at G-Nius

When a client is looking for reinforcements for a department, G-Nius can support in making the perfect match.

We offer clients a committed approach to finding qualified IT personnel. An important element of our working method is therefore also a fixed point of contact for every client. One of our business managers will personally guide the entire process so that the right match can be made.

We always start our collaboration with an extensive introductory meeting. During this meeting, the business manager maps out all the wishes of the client. In addition to the requested ‘hard criteria’ such as knowledge and experience, we are also curious about the ‘soft criteria’ such as personal and social skills that are expected of the professional. Only in this way can we present a professional who not only meets all job requirements but who is also a good match with the team and the company of our client.

After we have a clear picture of the wishes and expectations, we look for IT professionals who perfectly match the requested criteria. We always strive for the perfect match. That is why we only propose the best profiles. When all parties are enthusiastic, the professional can start.

During the entire secondment period, we maintain regular contact with our clients to evaluate progress. We also keep in touch with our professionals. This gives us the ability to provide further support when needed.

As a secondment agency, G-Nius is a company that offers customization. We do this by fully adapting our service to the wishes of the client. Are you curious about the possibilities we can offer for your company? Please contact us via info@g-nius.nl or call +31 (0)73 610 14 69.