Listen to the G-Nius podcast

We believe in the development of people. The right knowledge makes talents, teams, and organisations grow. That’s why we have decided to share as much knowledge as possible and start our own podcast. In various episodes, Michael will have conversations with specialists in the field of the labor market, personal development, leadership, branding, company culture and sales optimization.

Why a podcast?

With our podcast, we aim to contribute to the development of knowledge, create new insights, and share valuable information. By engaging in conversations with experts in our field, we hope to contribute to the (personal) development of everyone in our network.

Another goal is to gain more knowledge ourselves so that we can further tailor our service and offerings to the market. By engaging in dialogue with specialists, we broaden our knowledge and perspectives.

Guest speakers

Michael will have conversations with various guest speakers on predetermined topics. How the conversation unfolds is unknown. This allows for an authentic one-on-one conversation where each speaker gets the opportunity to share their vision.

Speakers we will be talking to include:

Denise Klootwijk – Brand Builder

Sam van der Steen – Company Culture Builder

Viona Terleth – Bridge Builder between Generations

Douglas Huissen – SalesStep -> (Sales) Team Optimization

And we have more names on our list.

Curious about the first episode? It is now available to listen to on Spotify. Our podcast is in Dutch.