Blue Yonder / JDA alliance member

Blue Yonder delivers end-to-end supply chain solutions. With Blue Yonder, you can seamlessly deliver for the company’s end-customers, optimizing their experience with your retail store or product — all while the company achieves their profit goals. Blue Yonder has more than 4,000 global customers both large and small, the company has experience with the biggest names in de supply chain industry, from technology leaders to consulting firms and resellers.

The Blue Yonder’s Global Alliance Program provides seamless, unprecedented access to all the expertise G-Nius needs to achieve supply chain success. As Blue Yonder alliance member you become part of an elite community of over 100 expert companies worldwide — all established leaders in delivering supply chain excellence.

WMS (Warehouse Management System) is an important part of the supply chain for G-Nius. Blue Yonder is a praised system within the Warehouse Management Systems market, G-Nius has loads of experience and knowledge of Blue Yonder. This knowledge and experience will only increase because of this collaboration.

Would you like to learn more about our collaboration with Blue Yonder and how we can support you? Please contact Leo Keller at +31 6 22 30 24 60.