Since 2002, we have been a strategic partner for clients who want to make their business future-proof. We achieve this together with our IT, Data, and Commercial professionals. With our services focused on Consultancy, Detachment, and Interim Recruitment/RPO, we ensure that your business remains scalable, flexible, and ready for the future.

When you choose to collaborate with G-Nius, you choose to work with a reliable and trustworthy team. Our dedicated Business Managers think along with you. They treat each request uniquely and strive to find a tailor-made solution. This way, we take a lot of work off your hands, allowing you to focus on achieving your goals.

“The secondment of the right professional requires thorough knowledge and experience. Having a good understanding of the relationship’s assignment is our starting point. Subsequently, our extensive network helps us daily in selecting the desired professional,”

Gijs-Jan Deenen says, founder of G-Nius.