Back to Business drink

At G-Nius we are fully recharged after a wonderful summer holiday. To end the summer we organize a nice drink. There is no better way to end the summer than with a nice drink and tasty snacks. That is why we invite you to the Back to Business drink on Thursday 22 September. Would you […]

Welcome Jurgen von Schmidt

This week Jurgen von Schmidt started as Junior Business Manager at G-Nius. Jurgen is a third-year Business Administration student and is following his education at the Avans University of Applied Sciences in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. As Junior Business Manager, Jurgen will support his colleagues in the coming six months and get to know the internal processes better. […]

Welcome Nick Verspoor

This month Nick Verspoor joined our team as Business Manager. With his years of knowledge and expertise, he knows how to make a perfect match between a client and an IT professional. Nick has a no-nonsense mentality. He describes himself as a real go-getter who sees opportunities and uses them as optimally as possible. When […]

Leo Keller appointed Managing Director

On June 1, 2022, Leo Keller was appointed Managing Director of G-Nius BV. With this appointment, he takes over from Gijs-Jan Deenen, founder of G-Nius. This means that Leo is responsible for the general and day-to-day operations of the company. In addition, he will continue to focus on the further growth and development of G-Nius. […]

Valerie van Arkel started as Junior Business Manager

This month Valerie van Arkel started at G-Nius as Junior Business Manager. Valerie is a real ‘Bosschenaar’ and is a third-year student of business administration. She is following this study at the Avans University of Applied Sciences in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. After a Consultancy minor, Valerie chose to expand her knowledge with practical experience. She will do […]

2022 is a special year for G-Nius

2022 is a very special year for G-Nius because we are celebrating our 20th anniversary. Of course we don’t want to let this milestone pass unnoticed. That’s why we take a dive into the history of G-Nius, look at the present and the future. We do this together with founder Gijs-Jan, commercial director Leo Keller […]

G-Nius for freelance IT specialists

At G-Nius we notice that there is an increasing demand for IT professionals who can support our clients on a freelance or interim basis. It is, therefore, no exception for us that in addition to secondment and secofixed services, we also help our clients find the suitable IT freelancer. In addition, we also help interim […]

Check out our new vacancy page

Are you an IT professional looking for a new challenge? Then you have probably taken a look at our vacancy page. Here you will find an overview of our IT vacancies. To make this page more user-friendly, we have had an update. To help you find a new role even better, we have given the […]

Business day 2022

On Friday 26 November it was time for our annual G-Nius business day. The business day is a moment when we at G-Nius look back on the past year. Together we look at what went well, but also at what could be improved. We will include this in the plans for 2022 that we will […]

Accessibility of the city center of Den Bosch

Due to road works, the city center of Den Bosch is currently limited accessible from Vught. Because G-Nius is located in the middle of the city center, this also affects the accessibility of our office. We, therefore, provide you with more information about the accessibility of the city center. In August, a start was made […]

The G-Nius office party 2021

After a long time it was finally possible again to enjoy a drink and a snack with all G-Nius employees. It was a great moment to see and speak to each other in person. We looked forward to having a drink with our employees in a relaxed way and outside the office. Unfortunately, corona threw […]

Sjoerd Janus started as Business Manager at G-Nius

On October 4, Sjoerd Janus started as Business Manager at G-Nius. We are pleased that Sjoerd has become part of our team and that is why we would like to introduce him to you. With his extensive experience in various sales, management and trainer roles, Sjoerd is a solid discussion partner at all levels within […]

Floor Storchart starts as an intern at the marketing department of G-Nius

on Monday 30 August, Floor Storchart started as an intern at G-Nius. The next six months, she will join us at the marketing and communication department. Floor Storchart is 20 years old and lives in a small village called Eethen. She studies at Tilburg University and is now in her third year of the bachelor […]

G-Nius late summer evening 2021 – Save the date

Unfortunately, the evening we were looking forward to last year did not take place. But luckily, the G-Nius late summer evening, as promised, is back on the agenda this year. During this traditional evening, we introduce our relations to the history of our hometown of ‘s-Hertogenbosch. As always, it promises to be a fun evening. […]

Model agreement DBA Act of G-Nius extended by the tax authorities

The Tax Authorities have reassessed the G-Nius model agreement and approved it again for a period of 5 years. The G-Nius model agreement describes the employment relationship between the client and the contractor. The agreement can demonstrate that a freelancer is not employed by the client. Model Agreement Act DBA In 2016, the Deregulation of […]

G-Nius EK poule 2021 results

What a great action in the first 2 minutes by the England football team last night! Unfortunately, it remained with this one goal and Italy, after penalties, was crowned European champion on Sunday. The players in our G-Nius poule also fought hard for the title. It was an exciting ending, but Joepbroeders managed to keep […]

G-Nius continues to grow with Ilias El Arquioui as Business manager

With the arrival of Ilias El Arquioui, the G-Nius team continues to grow. As Business Manager, Ilias will focus on supporting clients in finding suitable IT professionals. Short introduction: Ilias is 24 years old and lives in Eindhoven. For ten years he played football as a top athlete at Helmondsport and Roda JC. After these […]

Non-IT Consultancy

With the arrival of our new colleague Veronie Kets, we have not only expanded our team but also our service. From now on we can also support our clients in the field of non-IT consultancy. Veronie has been part of the G-Nius team since May 1, 2021. Before joining our team, she worked as an […]

Leo Keller, in addition to being commercial director, is now also a shareholder of G-Nius

G-Nius has a new shareholder: Leo Keller. In addition to being commercial director, Leo Keller will also, together with Gijs-Jan Deenen, be a shareholder of G-Nius from 1 January 2021. The formal handover took place on April 1, 2021. In 2005 Leo Keller started as a trainee at G-Nius to take his first steps in […]

G-Nius remains SNA certified company

On Wednesday 7 April 2021, G-Nius has undergone a periodic check for the SNA quality mark. This time we were again positively assessed. This means that G-Nius will remain an SNA-certified (NEN-4400-1) company for the next six months. What does the SNA quality mark mean? Every six months, companies active in the job placement sector […]

Winners G-Nius Pub quiz received their prize.

The winners of the G-Nius pub quiz received their prize. This was presented by our junior business manager Joep Broeders.

Welcome Joep Broeders as our Junior Business Managers

Joep Broeders is our intern. As Junior Business Manager he will support the team in the coming period.

Digital G-Nius Pub Quiz 2021

The annual G-Nius event continued in an adapted version. As a team we had a nice drink during the G-Nius digital pub quiz. [read more]

IT Professionals available | G-Nius

Due to the Corona virus many IT professionals have become available and are looking for a new challenge, something we are happy to assist in. We currently have several professionals available for temporary and seco-fix roles.

G-Nius Business Day 2021

G-Nius Business Day 2021 Thursday the 26th of November it was time for the annual G-Nius Business Day. During the business day, we looked back as a team to the past year and we focused on 2021. It was also a great moment for the team to see and speak to each other personally during this […]

SNA certification G-Nius | October 2020

This week we have had the periodic check for the SNA certification. We are proud to announce that we have passed the check positive which means that we are still SNA certified (NEN-4400-1). What is SNA? SNA stands for Stichting Normering Arbeid. Their goal is to achieve self-regulation to prevent fraud and illegality in the employment […]

Marketing & Communication | Suzanne Verheijden

Suzanne will support G-Nius in the set up of the Marketing & Communication department.

G-Nius mini Business day 2020

The G-Nius mini business meeting was held on Thursday 27 August in the Mengfabriek, in the former compound feedingfactory Van de Heus. The meeting took place in the striking square building with the tower on the Diezekade. During this semi-annual meeting, we looked back as a team at the successes achieved in recent months. It was a good time to discuss the current state of affairs. Especially after the uncertain time that the Corona crisis has entailed.

New Intern | Jelle Reinke | Junior Business Manager

Jelle is in his second year of the education Junior Accountmanager. Learn more about Jelle…

G-Nius Privacy Kit

As we are slowly getting out of this insecure and strange period it is for G-Nius still number one priority to put safety first. This is why we want to introduce our G-Nius Privacy Kit including several tools enabling a safe environment for our clients and professionals. The Privacy Kit includes a USB Data Blocker […]

Onboarding during Corona

John Goewie:As an integration middleware specialist in a very broad IT field, mainly in interface and EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), I am often approached by various secondment agencies. Normally i do no trespond to these offers as the majority have an impersonal approach which does not suit me. I like to have a face-to-face relationship […]

SNA certification G-Nius | 2020

Last week G-Nius had the exstensive inspection of the necessary contracts and documents in order to retain the SNA-certification. We are proud that we, once again, have passed the SNA certification (NEN-4400-1) successfully! The SNA quality mark limits the risks for both clients and for hirers in the context of the chain liability. For G-Nius […]

The Coronacrisis | G-Nius

It has been a month since de first person in the Netherlands was ‘officially’ diagnosed with the Coronavirus. In the meantime there are many uncertanties and situations develop which are new to anyone. These new situations bring no difference in the way we support our clients and professionals. We do have some extra tips for […]

G-Nius follows guidelines | RIVM

Following the Corona virus, the cabinet has called for the month of March to work from home as much as possible. This is aimed at limiting further spread of the Corona virus as much as possible. Since March 9, guidelines have been issued for the province of Brabant. The G-Nius office in Den Bosch follows […]

Mike Essed | G-Nius

Last monday we had the pleasure to welcome Mike to our team. Mike, 37 years old and living in ‘s-Hertogenbosch has worked in the recruitment industry before. He hopes to support G-Nius in their operations as a succesfull business manager. Mike believes that a qualitative collaboration is based on trust and loyalty. Moreover,  he likes […]

G-Nius | Bavaria 2020

Last Saturday G-Nius went to the beautiful village Lieshout to participate in the Bavaria Escape. We were well received with some coffee, tea and for the thirsty ones; Bavaria beer. During the Bavaria Escape the candidates were very fanatic to ultimately win the price they desired, in particular the recipe of Bavaria Beer. After the […]

Press release | G-Nius contributes

Foodbank Limburg-Noord started the new year 2020 excellent. The organization received products and donations from various companies, including G-nius and schools. Chairwoman Gerda van Stelten was delighted with the gifts: ‘’The money is mainly being used for the investments that have direct priority. The replacement of the three motors in the refrigerated rooms alone will […]

European Utility Week & POWERGEN | 2019

On behalf of G-Nius BV, Erwin Hilgerdenaar and Gijs-Jan Deenen were present at the European Utility Week & POWERGEN in Paris. The European Utility Week offers a great overview of the most important developments in the European energy market and is the place where Energy / Utility professionals meet and get to know the latest […]

SNA certification G-Nius | 2019

This week G-Nius had the exstensive inspection of the necessary contracts and documents in order to retain the SNA-certification. We are proud to announce that yet again we have passed the SNA certification (NEN-4400-1) successfully! The SNA quality mark limits the risks for both clients and for hirers in the context of the chain liability. […]

Business Storytelling | G-Nius 2019

Last Friday we had an inspiring training day about business storytelling, hosted by Harry Slagman, in the Redbull experience room at the SX building located at Strijp-S, Eindhoven. We have explored the combination of sales and storytelling, to become even better in our profession. We have experienced this day as very fun and educational, we […]

Binnendieze G-Nius | 2019

On the 3rd of October it was once again time for  our yearly cruise on the Binnendieze in ‘s-Hertogenbosch with our professionals and clients. We started at Hotel the Stamp, were Harry Slagman presented an interactive session concerning Business Storytelling. Afterwards we boarded several “ Whisperboats”  of the Binnendieze. During the tour it slowly started […]

Binnendieze | 2019

This year G-Nius is organizing the annual ‘Bossche Nazomer Avond’ and it would be great if you could join us! It will be an evening that not only includes the opportunity to have some meaningful dialogues, it will also be an unique opportunity to get to know the historic birthplace of G-Nius. Program:5.30 pm            –              Reception6 […]

G-Nius is expanding!

Last month we welcomed Marcel to the G-Nius team. Marcel has an extensive background in the recruitment of IT professionals and will strengthen our team as a Recruitment Consultant. With more than 10 years of experience in secondment, no challenge is too big for him or his network. In addition, Cas Bax will join the […]

G-Nius | Winner Tour de France Poule

The final stage in Paris last Sunday sadly means the end of a very exciting Tour de France with a lot of Dutch succes. Sadly this also means the end of a glorious G-Nius tourpoule 2019. After an exciting fight to watch the win was decided on the final day. On behalf of the team […]

G-Nius | Formule 1 GP de Catalunya | 2019

After hard work and successful achieving the 2018 team target, Team G-Nius was rewarded with a incentive. Saturday morning began with leaving to Eindhoven airport where we would leave to Barcelona to attend the Formula 1 GP de Catalunya. After arriving at the airport we were picked up by our driver Ron who drove us […]

G-Nius passes SNA certification 2019!

And again we are proud to announce that G-Nius has passed the SNA certification (NEN-4400-1) successfully! G-Nius has been inspected extensively and after studying the necessary contracts and documents we were again positively reviewed. The SNA quality mark limits the risks for both clients and for hirers in the context of the chain liability. For […]

G-Nius | Company outing

Last Saturday, January 26, we as team G-Nius enjoyed a great company outing where the virtual experience stood central. Together we have visited Europe’s largest VR (Virtual Reality) center in Eindhoven. During this VR experience the focus was on various games where teamwork and competition were combined. Through interaction in the VR, new talents were […]

Team G-Nius expanding | 2019

G-Nius is expanding the team with three account managers. Erwin Hilgerdenaar and Yara Maas started on the second of January, where Anneli Janssen made her appearance two months earlier. With this expansion, G-Nius realizes an important goal for 2019. Anneli has worked as an account manager for several leading companies. Generating new business and knowledge […]

Businessday 2019

Last Tuesday we had the annual business day. G-Nius discussed the successes of the past year and expressed the ambitions and goals for 2019. Futhermore, new colleagues were introduced who will support G-Nius as of January. At the end of this innovative day, we enjoyed a nice dinner at Lux in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. G-Nius is looking […]

JDA Focus Connect | 2018

Last week G-Nius attended the annual Focus Connect event of our partner JDA in Barcelona. The conference took place from 6 to 8  November, where more than 500 professionals from the Logistics and Retail industry gathered to share experiences, broaden their network and to gain more knowledge regarding JDA. By means of interesting presentations by […]

SNA certification 2018

Once more, G-Nius has passed the SNA certification (NEN-4400-1) successfully! G-Nius has been inspected extensively and after studying the necessary contracts and documents we were again positively reviewed. The SNA quality mark limits the risks for both clients and for hirers in the context of the chain liability. For G-Nius an important certification which shows […]

Binnendieze | Bossche Nazomer Avond 2018

Last night we enjoyed a lovely evening with fantastic weather. Everybody got acquainted with the historic birthplace of G-Nius and the city ‘s-Hertogenbosch during the Binnendieze tour. Together with clients and professionals we had a great time catching up while enjoying the snacks and drinks. We want to thank everyone for the nice and successful […]

Escape Room & Sakana

On Saturday February 24, the first staff outing of 2018 took place with some of the consultants of G-Nius. Together we tried to escape from different escaperooms. We were meant to escape from the locked room within 30 minutes, by solving several cryptic puzzles. By using the analytic skills of our colleagues and the enthusiasm, […]

Press Release: Leo Keller appointed as commercial director G-Nius

‘s-HERTOGENBOSCH, Leo Keller (33) is appointed as the commercial director of G-NIUS B.V. Starting the 1st of January 2018 he is responsible for guiding the business team and executing commercial and business activities within the management team. Leo Keller is an experienced business manager in the area of IT secondment and Consultancy. According to Gijs-Jan […]

G-NIUS Businessday 2018

Our 16th edition of our annual business day took place on the 30th of November 2017. On this day we looked back on 2017 and focused on the year 2018. A year in which we hope to work together with our employees and relations to achieve growth and success. This day was also a day […]

JDA Focus Connect

It has already been two weeks since we attended the amazing Focus Connect 2017. The yearly event of our Partner JDA took place in lovely London. Together with five of our consultants, we took the trip to London to represent G-NIUS at this annual event. The conference took place from 13 until the 15th of […]

G-NIUS 15th anniversary

This year G-NIUS exists 15 years, which is why G-NIUS went all out on the 9th of November 2017 by organizing a special event for clients, relations, partners and colleagues. This was a moment to reflect on the last 15 years and to look forward to the future. G-NIUS was established in 2002. Cause for […]

New intern: Corina Stam

It has already been three weeks since I walked through the doors of G-NIUS, so it is about time that I introduce myself. My name is Corina Stam, I am 19 years old and I live in Nieuwaal (a small town nearby Zaltbommel). As of the 28th of August I am the new intern of […]

Invite Binnedieze Tour And Drinks

We would love to invite you to the traditional Binnedieze Tour & Drinks An enjoyable activity that not only gives you the opportunity to relax and catch up, but also gives you a chance to encounter the fun and historic home of G-NIUS.

Press Release: Frank Claassen

New Challenge! As of the 1st of May 2017, I am fulfilling the position of Accountmanager IT Contracting at G-Nius. Currently I have developed a certain level of knowledge in the recruitment industry where I have been responsible for not only acquiring assignments but also guiding and steering the development of professionals in their career […]

Pandora Dinnershow

To celebrate the ending of a good 2016 and the beginning of a beautiful 2017 and as a token of appreciation, we went on 21 January, with all the employees of G-Nius to the Pandora Dinnershow. A fun evening with each other, where we enjoyed a fun show en good food.

New CRM software

From now on G-Nius will work with a new CRM software. This software comes from the American company Bullhorn and will improve many functions for us. More than 6000 companies are using this revolutionary system. With this software we can find the right match for the right vacancy. Due to this development we are capable […]


Press Release: Ruben van Hal

My name is Ruben van Hal, 24 years old and I live in Tilburg. At G-Nius I will be working as an accountmanager responsible of ICT. In the past I have gained knowledge of recruitment in the field of ICT. My goal is bringing people and organisations together so that both parties can establish a […]

Model Agreement

G-Nius has its own Model Agreement approved by the tax authorities. This Model Agreement includes all provisions and boundary conditions which the hirers make with the external professionals. Thereby, this Model Agreement is a good match with the practice. With the G-Nius Model Agreement clients can hire in a safe and practical way self-employed professionals. […]

G-Nius Business day 2016

On Thursday 24 November 2016, the annual G-Nius business day took place. Together with the business managers there was a review of 2016 and were the new plans discussed with each other. Every business manager has presented his plan for the next year. And they had to set up an action plan in which is […]

G-Nius contributes

In the past, G-Nius structurally contributed to charities around the world. Currently we are committed as friends of John in Kenya. Hereby we support Fredric and his son John. John is in his second year of high school, the Chavakali high school. He only can go to school with the financial contributions from charities. Fredric […]