Welcome Nick Verspoor

This month Nick Verspoor joined our team as Business Manager. With his years of knowledge and expertise, he knows how to make a perfect match between a client and an IT professional.

Nick has a no-nonsense mentality. He describes himself as a real go-getter who sees opportunities and uses them as optimally as possible.

When he’s not working, Nick likes to be active. In the early morning, he likes to put on his running shoes to start his working day with the right focus and mindset. When the working day is over, he prefers to spend his free time with his kids, family, friends, and relatives as much as possible.

Have drinks, good food, cook and above all do lots of fun things. You can say that Nick is a real bon vivant.

Are you curious about how Nick can help you with the next step in your career or with solving outstanding IT issues? Please contact him via 06 55 55 21 82 or nverspoor@g-nius.nl.