2022 is a special year for G-Nius

2022 is a very special year for G-Nius because we are celebrating our 20th anniversary. Of course we don’t want to let this milestone pass unnoticed.

That’s why we take a dive into the history of G-Nius, look at the present and the future. We do this together with founder Gijs-Jan, commercial director Leo Keller and we talk to the people who are close to our company.

Every month we share a new message so you can learn more about G-Nius, our mission and vision, and the people behind G-Nius. We start with how it all started, why G-Nius was founded and where we were housed.

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G-Nius for freelance IT specialists

At G-Nius we notice that there is an increasing demand for IT professionals who can support our clients on a freelance or interim basis. It is, therefore, no exception for us that in addition to secondment and secofixed services, we also help our clients find the suitable IT freelancer.

In addition, we also help interim and freelance IT, specialists, to find challenging freelance IT assignments. With our large network, we have a lot of personal contact with hiring managers who are looking for support at the interface of business and IT. As a result, we know what is going on in the market and we can quickly help freelancers with new assignments.

Our working method is based on our PRIDE principle. This means that we attach great value to personal contact, respect, integrity, sustainability, and expertise. With this method, we want to build a solid and honest cooperation with our clients and our professionals. This way all parties know where they stand.

Are you looking for freelance IT assignments or for an IT professional who can temporarily support your department on a freelance basis? Please contact us on 073-610 14 69 or send an email to info@g-nius.nl. Our business managers are happy to look together at the possibilities that G-Nius can offer.

Check out our new vacancy page

Are you an IT professional looking for a new challenge? Then you have probably taken a look at our vacancy page. Here you will find an overview of our IT vacancies. To make this page more user-friendly, we have had an update.

To help you find a new role even better, we have given the vacancy overview on our website a new look. To make the IT vacancies clear, we have added filters so that it is easier and faster to find vacancies that match your specialization.

We have also adjusted the vacancy texts. You now get a clear picture of the location, the number of hours, and the contract form of the vacancy at a glance. Our IT vacancies are sorted by date. This way you always see the latest vacancy at the top.

Have you found a role that matches your wishes? Then you can apply directly by sending your resume via the contact form at the bottom of the vacancy. Would you first like to receive more information or do you have any questions? Please contact the G-Nius Business Manager associated with the role. He or she can tell you more and immediately process your application.

Are there currently no IT vacancies in the overview that match the next step in your career? Send your resume to our recruiters without obligation. When a role becomes available that matches you

Business day 2022

On Friday 26 November it was time for our annual G-Nius business day. The business day is a moment when we at G-Nius look back on the past year. Together we look at what went well, but also at what could be improved. We will include this in the plans for 2022 that we will also discuss during this day.

This year the business day took place at the meeting location of Meeters in Uden. A beautiful and well-maintained location. Here we took a seat in one of the meeting rooms where, at a distance of 1.5 meters from each other, we looked back on the objective that had been set for 2021. Looking back on the past year, we can happily conclude that G-Nius is still has a strong position.

In addition to looking back, we also presented our new plans and objectives for 2022. During these presentations, there is always a lot of room to give each other feedback. By discussing this openly with each other, new insights are created and new ideas are born.

To end the day we all had a bite to eat at Big Boys Grillmasters in Uden. In a unique and cozy location, we enjoyed delicious dishes from the barbecue.

The business day 2022 was again a success and we look back on a good 2021 with great collaborations. For us, it was also a year in which we all stayed healthy.

We are already looking forward to the new year. A year in which we can work together on new projects and support our clients and professionals again.

Are you curious about what G-Nius can do for you now and in 2022? Please feel free to contact us and our business managers will be happy to explain the options to you. Call directly to +31 (0)73 610 14 69 or mail to info@g-nius.nl.

Accessibility of the city center of Den Bosch

Due to road works, the city center of Den Bosch is currently limited accessible from Vught. Because G-Nius is located in the middle of the city center, this also affects the accessibility of our office. We, therefore, provide you with more information about the accessibility of the city center.

In August, a start was made on the refurbishment of the roundabout at Van der Valk Vught. This busy roundabout is part of an important cycling route between ‘s-Hertogenbosch and Vught. In addition, the roundabout is an important part of a busy access road to the center of Den Bosch. Unfortunately, this crowding often leads to dangerous situations in which cyclists are regularly knocked over.

A turbo roundabout should offer more safety for cyclists. Motorized traffic is separated from bicycle traffic by constructing two bicycle bridges. This not only ensures more safety but also a better flow of traffic.

Effect on the accessibility of the city center of Den Bosch

The roundabout will be closed from 6:00 a.m. Monday 1 November to 9:00 p.m. on Sunday 19 December. Do you want to visit our office by car and are you coming from Eindhoven or Tilburg? Then we advise you to take the exit Sint Michielsgestel (22). The roundabout, including bicycle bridges, will be open to all traffic from Monday 20 December.

The G-Nius office party 2021

After a long time it was finally possible again to enjoy a drink and a snack with all G-Nius employees. It was a great moment to see and speak to each other in person.

We looked forward to having a drink with our employees in a relaxed way and outside the office. Unfortunately, corona threw soot in the food a number of times. But luckily it was possible again on 14 October to shake hands and catch up.

The drink took place at a unique location in the middle of the historic center, namely at Brasserie restaurant Het Bolwerk in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. The Bolwerk Sint Jan consists of a building that disappears into the city wall with a roof park above it. The designer of the roof park is Martien van Osch.

It was a pleasant evening and we are already looking forward to the next moment when we can see each other again.

Sjoerd Janus started as Business Manager at G-Nius

On October 4, Sjoerd Janus started as Business Manager at G-Nius. We are pleased that Sjoerd has become part of our team and that is why we would like to introduce him to you.

With his extensive experience in various sales, management and trainer roles, Sjoerd is a solid discussion partner at all levels within an organization. Building, maintaining and developing business relationships is a common thread throughout his career.

Based on his conviction “where eyes meet, assumptions have little chance” he invites you to get to know each other personally. In his role as Business Manager, he is always looking to create added value in relationships with both professionals and clients.

Would you like to know more about Sjoerd and what he can do for you? Then contact him. Call or Whatsapp to 06-55 55 01 52 or mail to sjanus@g-nius.nl to make an appointment with him.

Floor Storchart starts as an intern at the marketing department of G-Nius

on Monday 30 August, Floor Storchart started as an intern at G-Nius. The next six months, she will join us at the marketing and communication department.

Floor Storchart is 20 years old and lives in a small village called Eethen. She studies at Tilburg University and is now in her third year of the bachelor Communication and Information sciences. She works as an intern at G-Nius at the marketing and communication department.

In her spare time, Floor likes to sport in the gym where she does fitness and cycling. She also likes socializing with friends and to hang out with her boyfriend.

We really like that Floor has chosen for an internship at G-Nius and we wish her a lot of fun in the upcoming months.

G-Nius late summer evening 2021 – Save the date

Unfortunately, the evening we were looking forward to last year did not take place. But luckily, the G-Nius late summer evening, as promised, is back on the agenda this year. During this traditional evening, we introduce our relations to the history of our hometown of ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

As always, it promises to be a fun evening. We start the evening with a cruise on the Binnendieze. During this historic cruise, the skipper guide tells fascinating stories about the restoration and the history of the city. A great opportunity to get acquainted with the past of our cradle and to discover the city from the water.

After this beautiful tour it is time for a snack and a drink. A good time to catch up and get to know each other better. We are looking forward, after a long period of little physical contact, to see and speak to our relations again.

Of course, we will take into account the corona measures during this evening.

Would you like to attend the G-Nius late summer evening? Then register before 9 September 2021 via info@g-nius-nl.

We are looking forward to it and hope you can attend!

Model agreement DBA Act of G-Nius extended by the tax authorities

The Tax Authorities have reassessed the G-Nius model agreement and approved it again for a period of 5 years. The G-Nius model agreement describes the employment relationship between the client and the contractor. The agreement can demonstrate that a freelancer is not employed by the client.

Model Agreement Act DBA

In 2016, the Deregulation of the Assessment of Employment Relations Act (Wet DBA) came into effect. From this, the model agreements were introduced. These model agreements describe the employment relationship between the client and the freelancer and between the intermediary and the freelancer. The agreement must be sent to the tax authorities for approval, which can then approve it for a period of 5 years.

For the self-employed, it is important that it is clear to the Tax and Customs Administration that there is no paid employment so that there is no obligation to pay payroll taxes. By using the model agreement, clients and contractors can assume that no additional assessment for payroll tax and employee contributions will be imposed by the tax authorities.

What does the DBA Act mean?

On 1 May 2016, the Deregulation Assessment of Employment Relations Act (DBA) came into effect as a replacement for the Declaration of Employment Relationship (VAR).

Clients and freelancers are responsible for making agreements within their employment relationships. They also establish that there is no paid employment. When doubt arises, a model agreement can provide certainty. Unfortunately, the introduction of the DBA Act has not produced the desired result and has therefore not brought the clarity it was intended to bring.

The Rutte III cabinet has therefore decided to replace the DBA Act. The aim was to do this on January 1, 2021, but this replacement will be left to the successive cabinet. The DBA Act and the associated model agreement will thus remain in force until further notice.

Model agreement G-Nius

The G-Nius model agreement is in line with the usual agreements that a client makes with a freelancer. By making use of this agreement, the client and contractor can demonstrate to the tax authorities that they are not employed.