Non-IT Consultancy

With the arrival of our new colleague Veronie Kets, we have not only expanded our team but also our service. From now on we can also support our clients in the field of non-IT consultancy.

Veronie has been part of the G-Nius team since May 1, 2021. Before joining our team, she worked as an interim corporate recruiter. Now Veronie has decided to go for the long-term cooperation at G-nius.

At G-Nius she focuses on the mediation of professionals who are specialized in non-it fields such as; marketing, communication, finance, recruitment, HR, sales and account management. Thanks to her experience and network, Veronie can switch quickly, and she knows how to follow the right paths to find suitable professionals.

With her personal attention and working method, Veronie likes to work hard on a long-term and solid collaboration with clients. By listening carefully and clearly mapping the wishes and needs, she looks for the most suitable professionals for outstanding issues. She therefore gets the most satisfaction from her work when she can make a perfect match between a client and a professional.

G-Nius has almost 20 years of experience in the secondment and consultancy of IT professionals. Our focus therefore remains on the IT field. But with the addition of non-IT consultancy to our service, we can support our clients even better and provide better customization.

Are you looking for support in finding professionals who can complement your department? Please contact Veronie Kets via or call/WhatsApp to 06-55 550 152.

Leo Keller, in addition to being commercial director, is now also a shareholder of G-Nius

G-Nius has a new shareholder: Leo Keller. In addition to being commercial director, Leo Keller will also, together with Gijs-Jan Deenen, be a shareholder of G-Nius from 1 January 2021. The formal handover took place on April 1, 2021.

In 2005 Leo Keller started as a trainee at G-Nius to take his first steps in his career after graduating in 2007 as a Junior Business Manager. After a short trip between 2011 and 2012, he returned in April 2012 as a business manager in the field of IT secondment and consultancy. On January 1, 2018, Keller was appointed commercial director at G-Nius.

Leo Keller:
“Of course, I would like to thank Gijs-Jan for this unique opportunity. With this step, we have safeguarded continuity and further shaped my involvement with G-Nius. I am therefore looking forward to the future and the next steps that I have in mind with this great company and the team.”

With his extensive experience within G-Nius and in-depth expertise in Warehouse Management Systems in particular, Leo Keller knows the company, the trade, and the industry inside and out. With his strong leadership and innovative vision for the future, he will continue to build on the growth and professionalization of G-Nius.

Gijs-Jan Deenen:
“With the entry of Leo Keller as a shareholder, we ensure even more continuity and future-proofness.”

About G-Nius

G-Nius is a company that focuses on the successful deployment of IT professionals for temporary and permanent assignments at home and abroad. The focus is on the disciplines: Energy & Utilities, IT & Consultancy, IT & Finance, IT & Healthcare, IT Logistics & WMS and Software & Development. The company was founded in 2002 by Gijs-Jan Deenen and has since been located in the city center of ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

One of the drivers behind G-Nius is to guarantee the continuity of companies. In doing so, G-Nius always strives for a common goal; a win-win situation for both the client and the seconded IT professional. They do this by deploying the right professional in the right place.

Want to know more about G-Nius? Check out our website

G-Nius remains SNA certified company

On Wednesday 7 April 2021, G-Nius has undergone a periodic check for the SNA quality mark. This time we were again positively assessed. This means that G-Nius will remain an SNA-certified (NEN-4400-1) company for the next six months.

What does the SNA quality mark mean?

Every six months, companies active in the job placement sector are audited by Stichting Normering Arbeid (SNA). Their aim is to achieve self-regulation to prevent fraud and illegality in the employment agency sector and in all forms of (sub)contracting of work. After a positive inspection, the company receives the SNA quality mark.

What is G-Nius checked for?

In order to bear the SNA quality mark, G-Nius is inspected twice a year by an accredited inspection body. Our company is checked for:

• The identification of the company;
• The declaration and payment of payroll taxes and turnover tax due (in the Netherlands);
• Compliance with the Minimum Wage and Minimum Holiday Allowance Act;
• Preventing risks of liability and fines arising from hiring, outsourcing, or outsourcing work;
• Carrying out identity checks and verification of entitlement to perform work in the Netherlands.

In addition, the administration and storage of the required documents is checked.

What are the advantages of a company with the SNA quality mark?

With the SNA quality mark, G-Nius shows that it is a reliable partner that meets the requirements of the SNA. This means that when a client or hirer opts for a collaboration with G-Nius, they can be indemnified against any liability claim by the tax authorities.

We see this news as confirmation and so we can offer certainty for both clients and professionals. We are therefore again very proud that G-Nius has retained the SNA certification.

If you have any questions about G-Nius or about our SNA certification after reading this news? Please feel free to contact us via or (+31) 073 610 14 69.

Winners G-Nius Pub quiz received their prize.

It took a little longer than expected, but the winners of the G-Nius pub quiz received their prize on Friday 26 February. This was presented by our junior business manager Joep Broeders.

Because it is difficult to get together at this special time, we have chosen to organize the annual G-Nius outing digitally this year. This resulted in the digital G-Nius pub quiz 2021. At the end of January, all G-Nius employees sat together in an online meeting and everyone could enjoy a delicious snack board and a pub quiz.

A quiz also includes a prize pool. That’s why the numbers 1, 2 and 3 won a “Big Boys Big Ass Burger Box!” This box was put together by Big Boys and consisted of a large 100% Beef Burger of 250 grams with the most delicious toppings such as homemade tomato ketchup and Pulled Pork. There was also a top beer.

We hope that the winner enjoyed these delicious burgers!

Welcome Joep Broeders as our Junior Business Managers

My name is Joep Broeders, I’m nineteen years old, and I live in Raamsdonksveer. Currently I am in my third year of the study Business Administration at Avans University of Applied Sciences Breda. At G-Nius I’m going to apply my knowledge from the last two and a half years. My goal at G-Nius is to develop myself and the company. I also want to gain work experience. 

In addition, I work at Albert Heijn as an Team Manager. Besides study and work I like engaging in sport, I play football at RFC and recently I started to play tennis. I think its important to do fun things with friends and family. In the future I hope to get a nice job where I’m able to challenge myself.  

Digital G-Nius Pub Quiz 2021

On Friday January 29 it was time for the annual G-Nius event. At G-Nius, we believe it is important to do something fun with our employees at least once a year. This is a time to see each other again and get to know each other better. And every year we do this during a unique activity with delicious food and a drink at the end.

In this special time, we attach even more value to personal contact with our employees. That is why we have chosen to let the G-Nius event continue, but in a modified version.

This year we organized a digital drink with a pub quiz for the G-Nius team. During a G-Nius event, something tasty should of course not be missing. That is why we have put together a delicious box in collaboration with Big Boys. This is delivered to our employees’ homes to complete the evening.

There was a lot of laughter during the drink and everyone played fanatically during the quiz. Jelle has become the winner of the quiz. He was awarded the title of “G-nius of the year” on his last day of internship.

It was a successful (digital) outing. And we look forward to the next G-Nius event. Hopefully that will be a moment when we can really shake hands again.

IT Professionals available | G-Nius

Due to the Corona virus many IT professionals have become available and are looking for a new challenge, something we are happy to assist in. We currently have several IT professionals available for temporary and seco-fix roles:

– Software Engineer (C#, ASP.NET, MS Dynamics CRM, SQL) – Eindhoven
– Supply Chain Manager (SAP, ERP, Oracle, PowerBI, SQL, Python) – Sittard
– WMS Consultant (WMS, TMS, JDA/Blue Yonder Discrete, Dispatch) – EU
– Junior System Engineer (MCSA, ITIL, ServiceNow, VMware, O365, Microsoft) – Amsterdam
– Senior Tester (ISTQB, TMAP, ITIL, Selenium, CI/CD, Specflow) – Rotterdam
– Changemanager (Agile, Prince 2, LEAN, PDCA) – Amsterdam
– Senior Scripter (ISTQB, TMAP, ITIL, Selenium, CI/CD, Specflow) – Rotterdam
– Packager (SCCM, Azure, Intune, App-V, O365, W10) – Haarlem

Besides the professionals above, G-Nius has an extensive network of professionals in different fields. We look forward assisting you in your search to the best match for your need.

Interested or would you like more information? Please contact our Business Managers via +31 (0)73 610 1469 or send an email via

G-Nius Business Day 2021

G-Nius Business Day 2021

Thursday the 26th of November it was time for the annual G-Nius Business Day. During the business day, we looked back as a team to the past year and we focused on 2021. It was also a great moment for the team to see and speak to each other personally during this turbulent time.

Last year was a year that we had never experienced before. Full of good cheer and great plans, the new year started at G-Nius on January 1, 2020. The Dutch economy was running at full speed and G-Nius was ready to rock. These plans also included an expansion of the team. In March, Mike joined the team as Business Manager and in September, Suzanne started with the focus on marketing and communication.

At the end of February, disturbing noises came from China about COVID-19, the Coronavirus. When the virus also reached the Netherlands in March, there was a lockdown, just like in the rest of the world. This brought a lot of uncertainty and changes for everyone.

A number of things also changed at G-Nius. For example, we started working from home. That took some getting used to for us. Mainly because we consider personal contact with our relations important. Fortunately, our Business Managers do everything they can to stay in contact with our clients and professionals as much as possible. The use of video calls is therefore indispensable in our working method.

After the first wave and now in the second wave, it is clear that G-Nius has a strong position. By not only maintaining contact but also by continuing to listen to our relations, G-Nius has been able to invest extra in a solid collaboration.

Fortunately, we at G-Nius are all healthy. We have made great plans for 2021. During the G-Nius Business Day, our team presented these plans to each other. This has led to new insights and inspiration for next year.

We hope that we will be able to personally visit our relations again next year. And if that does not work, we will put even more energy into maintaining our contacts at a distance.

We look forward to a healthy and successful 2021!

Do you want to know what we can do for you as a professional? Or are you curious about the support that G-Nius can offer your company? Please feel free to contact us via

SNA certification G-Nius | October 2020

This week we have had the periodic check for the SNA certification. We are proud to announce that we have passed the check positive which means that we are still SNA certified (NEN-4400-1).

What is SNA?

SNA stands for Stichting Normering Arbeid. Their goal is to achieve self-regulation to prevent fraud and illegality in the employment mediation industry and in all forms of contracting or subcontracting work. To achieve this goal, they monitor companies active in this field. After a positive inspection, they award their SNA quality mark.

The SNA Quality Mark

The SNA works together with several branch organizations. As a result, the quality mark has broad national support. The quality mark limits the risks for clients and contractors in the context of hiring and chain liability. When a client makes use of an employment mediation company with the SNA quality mark, there is a tax indemnity under certain conditions.

In order to retain the SNA quality mark, G-Nius is inspected twice a year by an accredited inspection organisation. During this inspection we are assessed and checked for:

•  The identification of the company;
•  The declaration and payment of payroll taxes and sales tax owed (in the Netherlands);
•  Compliance with the Minimum Wage and Minimum Holiday Allowance Act;
•  Preventing risks of liability and fines resulting from borrowing and lending or outsourcing work;
•  Performing an identity check and checking whether you are entitled to perform work in the Netherlands.

In addition, the administration and storage of the required documents is checked.

What does this mean for our clients?

The SNA awards the SNA quality mark to companies that are active in job placement. With this quality mark, G-Nius shows that it is a reliable partner that meets the requirements of the SNA.

When a client chooses to collaborate with G-Nius, they can be indemnified against any liability claim by the Tax Authorities with regard to unpaid wage taxes and turnover tax by the private employment agency.

We believe it is important to be an honest and reliable IT consultancy company for our clients and contractors. That is why we are very proud to receive the SNA certification once more. In this way, we can offer security for both clients and contractors.

If you have any questions about G-Nius or about our SNA certification after reading this article? Please feel free to contact us via or (+31) 073 610 14 69.

Marketing & Communication | Suzanne Verheijden

Suzanne Verheijden is 34 years old and lives in Berkel-Enschot. After she graduated, she worked for more than 7 years as a communication officer in retail and e-commerce. After working in the real estate industry for a while, it was time for a new challenge. And this challenge had to match her passion for marketing and communication. In her role she will support G-Nius in the set up of the Marketing & Communication department.

In her spare time, Suzanne likes to play sports. She prefers running, fitness and mountain biking. She also likes good food and socializing with friends. That is why she often meets up with friends to cook and eat together.