G-Nius maintains SNA certification

On Monday, October 3, the second SNA inspection of this year took place. This time, too, it was completed positively. We can therefore proudly announce that we have retained our SNA certificate after the inspection.

The SNA certificate is awarded by the ‘Stichting Normering Arbeid’ (SNA) to companies that are active in the employment sector and meet the requirements set by the SNA. To assess whether we meet all the requirements for the SNA quality mark, an inspection is carried out twice a year by an accredited inspection body. During this inspection, our company is checked for:

• The identification of the company;

• The declaration and payment of payroll taxes and turnover tax due (in the Netherlands);

• Compliance with the Minimum Wage and Minimum Holiday Allowance Act;

• Preventing risks of liability and fines arising from hiring, outsourcing or outsourcing work;

• Carrying out identity checks and verification of entitlement to perform work in the Netherlands.

In addition, the administration and storage of the required documents is checked.

We would like to be an honest and reliable IT consultancy company for our clients. We therefore see the retention of the quality mark as a requirement with which we can offer certainty for both clients and professionals.

If you have any questions about G-Nius or about our SNA certification after reading this message? Please feel free to contact us via info@g-nius.nl or (+31) 073 610 14 69

Back to Business drink

At G-Nius we are fully recharged after a wonderful summer holiday. To end the summer we organize a nice drink.

There is no better way to end the summer than with a nice drink and tasty snacks. That is why we invite you to the Back to Business drink on Thursday 22 September.

Would you like to bring someone you would like to introduce to our network? You can always bring a colleague with you.

The drinks start at 4.30 pm and end around 7.30 pm.

Do you want to be there? Then fill in the registration form.

I hope to see you then!

Welcome Jurgen von Schmidt

This week Jurgen von Schmidt started as Junior Business Manager at G-Nius. Jurgen is a third-year Business Administration student and is following his education at the Avans University of Applied Sciences in ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

As Junior Business Manager, Jurgen will support his colleagues in the coming six months and get to know the internal processes better. In addition, he focused on the theme of Employer Branding and its effect on our company.

Jurgen likes to introduce himself:

“My name is Jurgen and I am 21 years old. I would dare to say I am passionate about weightlifting and expanding my knowledge. I really enjoy learning new things. That is why I regularly watch documentaries and read books (non-fiction) on many different topics in my spare time.

I also spend a big part of my spare time on weightlifting, it helps me relax and free up my mind. Besides that, I also just enjoy coming home tired with a feeling of fulfillment.

I follow an internship at G-Nius as a Junior Business Manager since the end of August. This internship is part of my business study. In addition to working as a Junior Business Manager, I am going to work as a Business Administrator on researching employer branding for G-Nius.

Would you also like to do an internship at G-Nius? Do you want to work in a team that is enthusiastic and bursting with energy? Please contact Leo Keller. Call or WhatsApp to 073-6101469 or mail to lkeller@g-nius.nl.

Welcome Nick Verspoor

This month Nick Verspoor joined our team as Business Manager. With his years of knowledge and expertise, he knows how to make a perfect match between a client and an IT professional.

Nick has a no-nonsense mentality. He describes himself as a real go-getter who sees opportunities and uses them as optimally as possible.

When he’s not working, Nick likes to be active. In the early morning, he likes to put on his running shoes to start his working day with the right focus and mindset. When the working day is over, he prefers to spend his free time with his kids, family, friends, and relatives as much as possible.

Have drinks, good food, cook and above all do lots of fun things. You can say that Nick is a real bon vivant.

Are you curious about how Nick can help you with the next step in your career or with solving outstanding IT issues? Please contact him via 06 55 55 21 82 or nverspoor@g-nius.nl.

Leo Keller appointed Managing Director

On June 1, 2022, Leo Keller was appointed Managing Director of G-Nius BV. With this appointment, he takes over from Gijs-Jan Deenen, founder of G-Nius. This means that Leo is responsible for the general and day-to-day operations of the company. In addition, he will continue to focus on the further growth and development of G-Nius.

Leo has a long history at G-Nius. In 2005 he started as an intern at the company during his studies. After graduating in 2007, he started as Junior Business Manager. After a short hiatus between 2011 and 2012, he returned as Business Manager to specialize in IT Secondment and Consultancy.

G-Nius grew, and Leo continued to develop himself. With his extensive experience and expertise in project-based ICT secondment, especially in Warehouse Management Systems, Leo knows G-Nius and the market through and through.

On January 1, 2018, Leo was appointed Sales Director. From that moment on, Leo is (jointly) responsible for further shaping the vision of G-Nius. He also works on strengthening relationships with clients, professionals, and cooperation partners. In addition to this appointment, Leo has also been a shareholder of G-Nius since 1 January 2021, in addition to Gijs-Jan Deenen.

Now the moment has come for Leo to make the step to Managing Director. With his strong leadership and innovative vision, he will continue to work with the team on the development of G-Nius. The standards, values ​​, and personal working method with which Gijs-Jan founded G-Nius 20 years ago remain unchanged.

After Leo’s appointment as Managing Director, Gijs-Jan will of course remain active and closely involved with G-Nius. As a shareholder, MVA, advisor, and sounding board, he will continue to support the team.

Valerie van Arkel started as Junior Business Manager

This month Valerie van Arkel started at G-Nius as Junior Business Manager. Valerie is a real ‘Bosschenaar’ and is a third-year student of business administration. She is following this study at the Avans University of Applied Sciences in ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

After a Consultancy minor, Valerie chose to expand her knowledge with practical experience. She will do an internship at G-Nius as a Junior Business Manager for the next six months. During her internship, she will cooperate and conduct research into existing and new business processes. With this internship, she hopes to be able to develop further and gain experience in the business world.

In addition to her education, Valerie works as a shift leader at Albert Heijn. In her spare time, she likes to spend her time with her friends while enjoying a snack and drink.

Would you also like to start an internship at G-Nius? Do you want to work within a team that is enthusiastic and bursting with energy? Please contact Leo Keller. Call or WhatsApp to 073-6101469 or mail to lkeller@g-nius.nl .

2022 is a special year for G-Nius

2022 is a very special year for G-Nius because we are celebrating our 20th anniversary. Of course we don’t want to let this milestone pass unnoticed.

That’s why we take a dive into the history of G-Nius, look at the present and the future. We do this together with founder Gijs-Jan, commercial director Leo Keller and we talk to the people who are close to our company.

Every month we share a new message so you can learn more about G-Nius, our mission and vision, and the people behind G-Nius. We start with how it all started, why G-Nius was founded and where we were housed.

Do you want to stay informed? Then keep an eye on our website or follow us on LinkedIn.

G-Nius for freelance IT specialists

At G-Nius we notice that there is an increasing demand for IT professionals who can support our clients on a freelance or interim basis. It is, therefore, no exception for us that in addition to secondment and secofixed services, we also help our clients find the suitable IT freelancer.

In addition, we also help interim and freelance IT, specialists, to find challenging freelance IT assignments. With our large network, we have a lot of personal contact with hiring managers who are looking for support at the interface of business and IT. As a result, we know what is going on in the market and we can quickly help freelancers with new assignments.

Our working method is based on our PRIDE principle. This means that we attach great value to personal contact, respect, integrity, sustainability, and expertise. With this method, we want to build a solid and honest cooperation with our clients and our professionals. This way all parties know where they stand.

Are you looking for freelance IT assignments or for an IT professional who can temporarily support your department on a freelance basis? Please contact us on 073-610 14 69 or send an email to info@g-nius.nl. Our business managers are happy to look together at the possibilities that G-Nius can offer.

Check out our new vacancy page

Are you an IT professional looking for a new challenge? Then you have probably taken a look at our vacancy page. Here you will find an overview of our IT vacancies. To make this page more user-friendly, we have had an update.

To help you find a new role even better, we have given the vacancy overview on our website a new look. To make the IT vacancies clear, we have added filters so that it is easier and faster to find vacancies that match your specialization.

We have also adjusted the vacancy texts. You now get a clear picture of the location, the number of hours, and the contract form of the vacancy at a glance. Our IT vacancies are sorted by date. This way you always see the latest vacancy at the top.

Have you found a role that matches your wishes? Then you can apply directly by sending your resume via the contact form at the bottom of the vacancy. Would you first like to receive more information or do you have any questions? Please contact the G-Nius Business Manager associated with the role. He or she can tell you more and immediately process your application.

Are there currently no IT vacancies in the overview that match the next step in your career? Send your resume to our recruiters without obligation. When a role becomes available that matches you

Business day 2022

On Friday 26 November it was time for our annual G-Nius business day. The business day is a moment when we at G-Nius look back on the past year. Together we look at what went well, but also at what could be improved. We will include this in the plans for 2022 that we will also discuss during this day.

This year the business day took place at the meeting location of Meeters in Uden. A beautiful and well-maintained location. Here we took a seat in one of the meeting rooms where, at a distance of 1.5 meters from each other, we looked back on the objective that had been set for 2021. Looking back on the past year, we can happily conclude that G-Nius is still has a strong position.

In addition to looking back, we also presented our new plans and objectives for 2022. During these presentations, there is always a lot of room to give each other feedback. By discussing this openly with each other, new insights are created and new ideas are born.

To end the day we all had a bite to eat at Big Boys Grillmasters in Uden. In a unique and cozy location, we enjoyed delicious dishes from the barbecue.

The business day 2022 was again a success and we look back on a good 2021 with great collaborations. For us, it was also a year in which we all stayed healthy.

We are already looking forward to the new year. A year in which we can work together on new projects and support our clients and professionals again.

Are you curious about what G-Nius can do for you now and in 2022? Please feel free to contact us and our business managers will be happy to explain the options to you. Call directly to +31 (0)73 610 14 69 or mail to info@g-nius.nl.