The fases behind G-Nius: Muriel

Since June 2023, Muriel has been a part of G-Nius, enhancing our marketing team with her expertise. Time to get to know her better, so we asked her some questions. Such as what she likes to complain about or what makes her laugh. If you want to know the answers to these and other questions, please read the interview below.

You are a marketing specialist at G-Nius, could you tell us more about your role?
I handle everything related to the website, content, and social media. My goal is to ensure that G-Nius’ website ranks well on search engines and that the right content is displayed. I use content to showcase who G-Nius is and what G-Nius does with the right image. Additionally, I focus on employer branding.

It’s actually quite a broad role, which is what makes it so enjoyable.

You’ve been with G-Nius for three months now. What does your ideal workday look like?
On an ideal workday, I arrive at the office well-rested after a good night’s sleep. I start my computer and make myself a cup of tea. Then, I check my schedule for the day, which I usually prepare the day before. This gives me an immediate overview of what I want to accomplish that day, and I can get started right away. On an ideal workday, I manage to check off as many items from my to-do list as possible by the end of the day.

I also value having fun with colleagues during the day. It creates a positive atmosphere. A bit of stress in the workplace can be good too. Some pressure helps me meet my goals and feel satisfied with the results.

Your role requires a lot of creativity. Where do you draw inspiration for your work?
I often find inspiration from other websites or other companies and organizations, even those in completely different industries, such as online stores. I also gain inspiration from what I see on social media or read in newsletters. I like to actively search for new ideas, keeping an eye on news and trends and thinking about how to adapt them for G-Nius.

What did you want to be as a child?
I wanted to be a stewardess for a long time. When I was younger, I used to go to Zuiderpark in Den Bosch, where there are 6 or 7 airplane climbing frames, and I would play there with my cousins. Ever since then, I always wanted to be a stewardess. I held onto that dream for quite a while, especially the idea of traveling appealed to me. But ultimately, I ended up pursuing very different things.

Have you ever lived in a place other than the Netherlands?
After high school, I lived in the United States as an exchange student in Kansas City. I stayed with a host family and attended a high school there. During my college years, I also did a marketing minor in Málaga. I studied there for 5 months.

What do you usually complain about?
I often complain about my busy family life. Sometimes, it’s so nice to vent and complain with friends or colleagues who also have young children. Just sharing that it was (again) a tough day or a short night can be therapeutic. It reminds you that everyone goes through similar challenges, which can be comforting.

I also complain about myself. I feel like I should exercise more, but I keep procrastinating and then end up nagging at myself.

What little things in life make you very happy?
My children. Seeing my children truly enjoying themselves, like when they sing along loudly to a song or dance without inhibitions, brings tears of joy to my eyes. It’s incredibly touching.

You have young children and a demanding job. What do you do to prevent stress?
When I notice that I’m really stressed, I try to take time for myself. With two young children and a busy family life, I make an effort to step back and recharge. It could be taking a bath, going for a walk, or running. I ensure that I have some alone time, and it can take various forms. Sometimes, I love going to bed early and watching a series with a face mask on. Just truly being alone without social media distractions, only with a book or music; that’s what helps me the most.

If you could choose a hobby that doesn’t require time or money, what would it be?
Once, when I lived in Málaga, I took a surfing course. I think it would be amazing to become really good at surfing. It’s challenging because we don’t live near the sea, but I would love to grab a surfboard and hit the waves after work. So, if I had all the time and money in the world and could choose my location, that would be my hobby. It sounds truly fantastic.

Is there something you’ve wanted to do for years but still haven’t done?
I’ve always wanted to take a long world trip. Before I had kids, I used to say, “I’ll just take the kids with me.” But it never happened. During my college years, I didn’t have much money for such an adventure. And when I started working and enjoyed my job, I didn’t want to leave it behind immediately.

Maybe it will happen someday when the kids are older. But I don’t see it happening in the near future, and I’ve accepted that.

Lastly, what makes you laugh the hardest?
I find videos of people falling down to be really funny. When it comes to office settings, I can laugh a lot at the playful competition among colleagues, especially among the men. We women often watch from the sidelines, but I still find it hilarious.

If you’d like to learn more about Muriel, you can reach out to her by sending a message to Or by checking out her LinkedIn profile. This is a great way to connect with her and find out more about her professional background and interests.

Welcome Emma Brabers

After the summer, Emma Brabers joined us as a junior HR Consultant. In this role, she will not only support the Recruitment Consultants but also focus on enhancing G-Nius’ employer branding and optimizing our personnel policies. Emma will be with us until the end of January as part of her studies. We’d like to introduce her to you.

Emma Braber was born in the United States, where she spent the first 4 years of her life. She has been living in the beautiful town of Oisterwijk for over 15 years now. Here, she enjoys spending her free time at the cozy cafes or going for walks in the forest.

Currently, Emma is pursuing a degree in HRM at Fontys University in Eindhoven. As part of her studies, she is completing a six-month internship with us. Her goal is to gain valuable HR experience during this time and learn about the complexities of labor law.

We are looking forward to a fruitful and educational period with Emma.

Interested in doing an internship at G-Nius too? Check out the possibilities at

Are you joining our Back to Work Event?

Have you already signed up for one of our Back to work get-togethers?

At G-Nius, we are fully recharged after a wonderful summer holiday. To round off the summer, we are once again organizing our back-to-work drink.

This gives us a chance to talk to everyone in person and strengthen relationships.

Our Back to Work event takes place in Den Bosch on Thursday the 28th of September..

Would you like to attend? Then register before the 8st of September via the registration form. And feel free to bring a colleague along.

Hope to see you then!

Shortage of IT professionals persists despite industry growth

Due to the increase in digitization and the rising need for cybersecurity, the demand for ICT professionals continues to grow. Despite the rise in the number of IT professionals entering the job market, there has been a persistent shortage since 2018. How is it possible that the number of IT professionals keeps increasing while there is still a shortage of IT experts?

Number of IT professionals is on the rise

There are approximately 552,000 IT specialists active in the Netherlands. They work in various sectors, including government institutions, financial entities, healthcare, and IT companies. Remarkably, since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the number of employed IT experts has increased by 39%. Additionally, the number of IT professionals unemployed since 2018 has significantly decreased.

Rising demand for IT professionals

An increasing number of sectors rely on IT expertise. Due to advancing digitization and the growing threat of cyberattacks, the demand for IT professionals is expected to continue growing in the coming years. Especially the demand for software developers and security experts shows an upward trend.

Consequences of the shortage of IT professionals

The demand for IT specialists is still growing faster than the number of employed IT professionals. There has been a shortage of IT experts for more than 5 years now. This scarcity is a major concern for employers. According to ING Research, over 44% of them consider the lack of personnel as an impediment to business growth.

Shortage of professionals forces employers to think differently

Employers are primarily seeking highly qualified candidates with up-to-date IT knowledge who are willing to work full-time. However, such candidates are difficult to find. Applicants often lack sufficient expertise or relevant work experience. Many IT vacancies have a specialized nature, causing even recent graduates to not meet employers’ requirements. Employers must therefore adjust their criteria more frequently.

With the shortage of experienced specialists, employers have an opportunity to attract and train entry-level IT professionals internally. The advantage of this young generation is their awareness of the latest developments and their ability to quickly master technical challenges.

Need personalized advice?

Are you an employer looking for IT professionals but also experiencing the drawbacks of the market shortage? Get advice from one of our Business Managers. Each of them specializes in their own field and can tell you all about the latest developments in the job market. This will give you, as an employer, a realistic view of the market and increase your chances of finding the right professional.

The Faces behind G-Nius: Valerie

During the first half of 2022, Valerie completed an internship at G-Nius. After finishing her studies, she joined us as a Recruitment Consultant. We thought it was high time to get to know Valerie even better.

1.You are a recruitment consultant at G-Nius, what do you do exactly?

I support the Business Managers in matching supply and demand. They receive requests from clients looking for professionals. I help by presenting professionals, keeping an eye on market trends, and managing all the processes involved. In the meantime, I also focus on internal optimization, such as working with systems and LinkedIn.

2.What’s your secret for staying focused at work?

In my notebook, I write to-do lists for each day. I can estimate how much time a task will take, which helps me stay focused because I want to check off my list at the end of the day. That works really well for me. Additionally, taking a walk during lunch helps me stay focused in the afternoon.

If I lose focus during work, I sometimes scroll through LinkedIn. This way, I’m still engaged with work but I don’t have to concentrate as much. Or I’ll take a break to get a drink, stand up from my desk, and then refocus. I find it quite annoying if my to-do list isn’t completed by the end of the day.

3.What has been your favorite company party or team outing at G-Nius?

I’ve had quite a few by now. The two-day trip to Maastricht is one of my favorites. You spend a few days together outside of work. We did a lot of activities there and interacted with different groups. This helped me realize that we have a lot in common or how someone is in their personal life. It’s a great way to get to know each other better.

I have to say that last year’s Oktoberfest was also a lot of fun. It’s different from being in the office, discussing business and sales. This time, it was all about having fun together, and I always enjoy that.

4.What job would you like to try for a day?

I’d like to try something adventurous, like working with the police or the fire department. It would be really cool to see how things work there. But it would also be interesting to spend a day in a large law firm, like you see in the TV series “Suits.”

5.What brings you the most joy?

Spending time with my friends. Now that I work full-time, I appreciate it even more. When I’m alone, I enjoy a good book to truly relax.

6.Are you usually early or late?

Always early. Sometimes even way too early because I don’t like being late. Being late feels disrespectful to others. That’s something I learned at home. A promise is a promise. I also appreciate that in return. When someone is excessively late for me, I notice that my empathy for that person diminishes.

7.What would you do with a million dollars?

Buy a house, as it’s currently quite challenging in this housing market. A nice house on the outskirts of the city with a beautiful garden, plenty of space, and a large kitchen. That’s the most practical answer.

I would also like to take a long trip, perhaps to America or Asia. That’s something on my list. And I’d do fun activities with my friends and family.

8.What’s your favorite season? And why?

Each season has its charm, but my absolute favorite is spring. We come out of that dark period and into better weather. Flowers start blooming, and you can go outside without a jacket. That’s what I love about spring. Although I also enjoy autumn, with a cozy blanket on the couch and a big cup of tea.

9.How do you prefer to spend your weekends?

Since I work full-time, weekends are very valuable. I find that I spend a lot of time with friends because I see them less during the week. But I also like to spend time with my family on weekends.

I also enjoy relaxing, picking up a book, going for a walk, and exercising to recharge for the new week. On Sundays, I try to plan as little as possible so I can have some time for myself.

10.What small things can make your day better?

When people around me are cheerful and pleasant, it can really brighten my day and make me happy. But also simple things like a delicious dinner or the sense of accomplishment after a workout.

G-Nius goes supping – Summer event 2023

Last week, to kick off the summer together, we did a fun activity with the G-Nius team. It was also the perfect opportunity to get to know our 3 new colleagues (Tom, Valerie, and Muriel). We prepared ourselves for a sup clinic at the IJzeren man in Vught, followed by a delightful dinner at the IJM Strandhuys.

After everyone changed into their sports/swim outfits, we had a drink together to gather courage for the clinic. With the instructor, we confidently walked towards the stand-up paddle boards. After a brief explanation, we hit the water, starting on our knees but soon most of us were standing.

Instead of a clinic, it quickly turned into a competition to see who could stay dry the longest. Some fell off on their own, and others were pushed over. It was a fierce battle. One colleague managed to stay dry, though. Curious who that is? Check out the video below.

Of course, we also had a little race around the island. The competitiveness was evident. Even though it started raining quite heavily at one point, we all enjoyed this fun activity. After a warm shower, we sat down at the restaurant. A perfect start to the summer!

We fondly look back on our summer event and can’t wait for the winter edition.

The faces behind G-Nius: Tom

Hooray! Tom has successfully completed his probationary period. It’s time to get to know him better. Since June 1st, Tom has been a recruitment consultant at G-Nius. We sat down with him to ask some personal questions.

  1. You are a recruitment consultant at G-Nius, what do you do exactly?

I find the right person for a client’s job vacancy and assist our business managers in the process. As a recruitment consultant, I support our business managers. They come with requests from clients, and I search for the right candidates based on their requirements. This involves aligning the client’s needs and the necessary qualifications. Based on that, I search various channels, such as our own netwerk and LinkedIn, to find a match.

  1. How does your ideal workspace look like?

My ideal workspace is a pleasant, open area with plenty of opportunities for interaction with colleagues. The group shouldn’t be too large to avoid excessive noise. There should be a possibility to isolate oneself for focused work when needed. I find it enjoyable to have something playful, like a foosball table, as an addition to the workplace.

  1. Which job would you like to try for a day?

I would like to step into the shoes of a professional athlete for a day, such as a professional skier or snowboarder, as I also enjoy those activities. How does a sports event or training feel like for a top athlete?

  1. What superpower would you like to have?

That’s a tough question because I’m torn between two: the ability to fly and the power of invisibility. Flying is convenient and allows you to be anywhere quickly. But being invisible would let you see things that others can’t. Both have significant advantages. If I have to choose, I would prefer flying because it saves a lot of time.

  1. What do you complain about the most?

That’s an easy one: the weather. In that regard, I’m a true Dutchman, and I complain about the weather the most. It’s either too hot, too cold, too wet, or too dry. There’s always something to complain about when it comes to the weather. It’s easy to blame the weather since you have no control over it.

  1. What is something you have wanted to do for years but still haven’t done?

Teaching ski lessons for a season in Austria. It has been on my list for years, but it hasn’t happened yet. I graduated before the COVID-19 pandemic, and during the pandemic, I started working. Skiing was put on hold at that time. Once I started working, I got into a certain workflow, and it’s not easy to take a few months off. You also need to have an employer who agrees to let you be away for half a year. And if you’re in a good position at work, you don’t easily quit your job to do this. That has been holding me back all this time, but it’s something I still want to do someday.

  1. What is your favorite season? And why?

I’m torn between summer and winter. Summer is always associated with going out with friends and going on vacation. I prefer an active vacation. During a winter sports vacation, that happens automatically because you spend the whole day skiing. That’s why I used to prefer winter sports vacations. Nowadays, summer is becoming more favored. In the summer, you have more freedom to choose various activities, such as hiking in Iceland or going on a city trip. Now that my summer vacations offer an active challenge, I lean more towards summer. This summer, for example, I’m going to Bali with friends.

  1. What makes you laugh the hardest?

Schadenfreude, the pleasure derived from someone else’s misfortune, as they say. I can laugh really hard when something unfortunate happens, like someone tripping while carrying a tray. But even smaller things like being silly in a group, that really gets me. Karma also always works well to make me laugh.

  1. What does your morning routine look like?

On a workday, I wake up at 5 a.m., and from 5:30 a.m. to 7:30 a.m., I’m at the gym. After showering and getting ready, I’m at the office around quarter to 9 to start my workday.

It’s early, but I benefit a lot from it at the end of the day. Normally, I would also go to the gym in the evening, but that left me with no free evenings. Now, after dinner, I have a whole evening to do various things. The downside is that I’m also a night owl, so I don’t always go to bed on time.

  1. How do you unwind after a tough day at work?

I used to say exercising because that was my outlet. Nowadays, I relax by keeping myself occupied at home or in the garden. Reading, listening to music, or a podcast, like Michael’s 😉, also help me unwind after a tough workday. I love diving into certain topics, such as investing or cryptocurrency; that also calms me down.

Podcast episode 4 – Building bridges between generations

Generation gaps are of all times. But the gap between today’s generations in the workplace seems wider than ever. Why is this and what can we do about it? In the 4th episode of the G-Nius podcast, Michael asks Viona Terleth these questions. They not only look at the differences between generations, but more importantly, how to build bridges between different generations from strong leadership.

In this episode of our podcast, Michael talks to Viona Terleth. With her company “Happy Millennials,” Viona helps entrepreneurs to build bridges between different generations in the workplace. She does this with culture, leadership, and personal development programs to create happy and successful employees and teams.

What Viona says about building bridges:

“As human beings, we always look at the differences. So if we have cheese with holes, we’d rather look at the holes, at what’s not right, than at all the cheese around it. What we try to do is make people aware of who the person behind the difference is. Where does he/she come from? What is that about? That way you can respectfully and judgmentlessly connect yourself to the other person. And really understand the other person, before you want to be understood yourself.”

The full episode (in Dutch) can be listened to via Spotify and viewed on YouTube. It covers topics such as:

🎯 Why are there differences in generations?

🎯 What can you do to make the differences smaller?

🎯 The essence of coaching leadership.

Curious about other episodes from the G-Nius podcast? Then subscribe to our YouTube or Spotify channel.

Welcome back Valerie van Arkel

Valerie van Arkel started her adventure at G-Nius in January 2022 as an intern during her Business Administration studies at Avans Hogeschool. In June 2023, Valerie successfully completed her final year in the Business Administration program. As of this month, she is once again part of our team as a Recruitment Consultant.

Valerie is an enthusiastic resident of ‘s-Hertogenbosch. During her studies and interenships, she gained a lot of experience in the field of recruitment. Valarie did not only acquired valuable and insightful experiences but also gained a lot of industry-related knowledge.

When asked why she chose to return to G-Nius, she gave the following answer:

“I chose to come back to G-Nius because of the opportunity to develop myself. The whole team is ready to support and challenge each other, creating a positive and pleasant work atmosphere within the company. What sets G-Nius apart from competitors is the emphasis on honesty, quality, transparency, and personal attention. Valerie feels warmly welcomed at G-Nius.”

In addition to her work, Valerie has another passion: enjoying the good life as a true Burgundian. In her free time, she can often be found in the beautiful city center of ‘s-Hertogenbosch, where she enjoys delicious food and drinks with her friends. To stay balanced, Valerie enjoys sports and hiking.

We are delighted that Valerie, with her knowledge, enthusiasm, and positive attitude, is once again part of our team. We look forward to shaping her career and development together.

Podcast Episode 3: Sales and Team Optimization

In the third episode of the G-Nius Podcast, Michael sits down with Douglas Huissen, the founder of SalesStep. Together, they discuss how you can optimize your sales team. Where are you now, where do you want to go, and what do you need to get there?

SalesStep is an assessment tool that helps you identify the qualities and development potential of sales individuals and teams. With this data, you can pinpoint opportunities for optimizing the sales department.

The question “How important is the balance within a team?” quickly comes up. Douglas uses the beautiful metaphor of sales and sports: “Compare your sales team to a soccer team, with 11 Ronaldos, you won’t win the Champions League. We ensure that we have the right players in all positions to become champions.”

The following questions are also addressed:

🔎 How do you assemble your perfect sales team?

🔎 How do you ensure that investments yield returns?

🔎 How can you use SalesStep in the recruitment process?

Listen to the full episode below:

In the next episode, Michael will be discussing different generations in the workplace with Viona Terleth. How do you build bridges between these generations? And how do you strengthen collaboration among them for a healthy dynamic?

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