WhatsApp community voor freelancers

WhatsApp community for freelancers

Are you a freelancer looking to save time when searching for new assignments? Then we have good news for you. Recently, we have established an exclusive WhatsApp community specifically for freelancers. It’s an easy way to access new IT assignments.

Our unique WhatsApp community keeps you informed about new freelance opportunities that perfectly match your skills and expertise. No longer do you need to spend hours scouring for new prospects; we bring them directly to you. We regularly post assignments across various IT fields.

Within our community, you can join different groups tailored to your skills and expertise. This ensures you receive assignments that truly align with your abilities. Of course, we prioritize your privacy. Your personal information remains hidden and is not visible to other community members.

We look forward to welcoming you to our growing community of freelancers. If you have any questions about the community or wish to join, feel free to contact us at recruitment@g-nius.nl.


Welcome Sven Everaert

Sven Everaert started in February as a Junior Marketing Consultant at G-Nius. As part of his Entrepreneurship & Retail Management studies, he will be involved in marketing and sales-related activities. Additionally, he will focus on marketing research, primarily aimed at writing a social media strategy. Sven will be part of the G-Nius Team until the end of June. He would like to introduce himself to you.

“My name is Sven Everaert, I am a 19-year-old student from Eindhoven. Currently, I am studying ORM at Fontys University of applied Sciences. As part of my program, I have the opportunity to apply my theoretical knowledge in practice by interning in the marketing department at G-Nius. Additionally, I will also support the recruitment and sales team, allowing me to gain experience in all areas within G-Nius.

During the Career event of Fontys, I got in touch with G-Nius. This event aims to connect students with companies for internship and job opportunities. Among the hundred companies I could speak with, G-Nius stood out head and shoulders above the rest for me. The personal attention they gave me made the difference. This led to my choice to intern at G-Nius.

I am very satisfied with my internship because the personal attention that convinced me is still tangible. G-Nius values ​​collegiality and professionalism. This makes it an ideal place for me to intern and gain experience in the job market.

It is an exciting challenge that I have enthusiastically embarked upon, and I look forward to the challenges and learning opportunities that will come my way at G-Nius.”

Are you also interested in an internship at G-Nius or do you have questions for Sven? Then contact him via office@g-nius.nl or send him a message via LinkedIn.

Frank Claassen - gezicht achter G-Nius - interview - lead sales business manager

The Faces Behind G-Nius: Frank Claassen

Frank Claassen has been part of G-Nius for over 6 years. It’s time to get to know him better. That’s why we’re asking him a few personal questions. Questions like the best advice he’s ever received or an event he would like to relive. All sorts of things come up. Do you want to know the answers to these and more questions? Then keep reading.

You are Lead Sales & Business Management at G-Nius, what exactly do you do?

In my role, I am responsible for expanding my own business in the field of secondment and consulting. Additionally, I am involved in guiding the recruitment team and supporting colleagues in sales.

Which job would you like to try for a day?

Top Gear host. I am a big fan of cars and can greatly enjoy the challenges the hosts used to undertake, such as buying a discarded jeep online and venturing into the jungle with it. Embarking on a big, unknown adventure with a carefree attitude is something that quickly excites me.

What do you do to prevent stress?

In our role, you sometimes encounter situations that can be stressful. It’s important not to take setbacks personally. Sometimes things don’t go as planned, and it’s easy to get frustrated. In those moments, it’s important to take a step back and realize that some things are beyond our control. Additionally, staying positive helps.

How do you maintain your focus?

That remains a challenge from time to time. When I lose focus, I often take a step back and take a moment for myself to reevaluate my priorities. I look at my to-do list and focus on completing the most important tasks. Additionally, I shut out any distractions to achieve the desired results.

What has been your most enjoyable company party or team outing?

The company trip to Maastricht for G-Nius’ 20th anniversary was fantastic. We had a nice hotel and a unique outing where we drove the Mergellandroute in Oldtimers (DAF 44) in the sun. It ended with a delightful dinner with good company, very successful!

What is the best advice someone has given you?

A quote from the philosopher Confucius continues to have an impact on me: ‘He who says he can and he who says he can’t are both usually right.’ If you believe you can’t do something, you increase the chance that you won’t succeed. I strongly believe in the idea that if you think you can accomplish something, you probably can. The quote emphasizes the importance of self-belief, which in my opinion is crucial for success.

What little things can make your day better?

I can become very cheerful on the first days of spring when the temperature rises and the sun shows itself more. Going into the woods with my dog Haiko, who is always happy, enjoying rides on my motorcycle, and being able to make other people happy.

Which event in your life would you like to relive?

During my internship in Shanghai, we took a trip to Beijing, where we hiked to the Great Wall of China. We didn’t follow the tourist route but the route to the original crumbling Great Wall. We visited various lookout points on that wall and set up our tent in one of these posts. Camping, Beijing duck on a campfire, surrounded by a bizarrely clear starry sky, truly an unforgettable experience.

What would you do with a million?

I would invest a part, make a few small purchases (motorcycle + vintage car), and go on a beautiful world trip.

Do you prefer to spend your weekend at home, in the city, on the beach, or in the woods?

On weekends, I like to be in the woods. I’m a big fan of nature and discovering new places.

Meet Frank Claassen?

With his experience within G-Nius, the labor market, and the IT & Finance, Energy & Utilities, and Cyber Security fields, he knows the market inside out. Do you want to know more about Frank and what he can do for you as a professional or client? Then send him a message or call 06 15 16 58 44 or fclaassen@g-nius.nl.

New Year’s Event 2024: Holy Moly

This year, we kicked off the new year with a cozy outing. We did this together with the entire team, our colleagues actively working with our clients, and all partners at Holy Moly in Breda.

Last Saturday marked the first event of 2024. This year, we let ourselves be surprised during a unique ‘trip’ at Holy Moly in Breda. Our senses were stimulated with a journey through different rooms and challenging puzzles.

Afterwards, there was plenty of time to share the unique experience during dinner and a drink.

This annual outing is not only incredibly enjoyable but also allows us to get to know each other better outside of work. And to talk to colleagues you’ve never seen or spoken to before. This is something we value highly.

As always, we look back on a successful and enjoyable evening. We laughed a lot, met new faces, and shared beautiful stories.

Would you like to attend our next event as a professional, recruiter, account manager, or business manager? Then contact Tom van Nistelrooij or Valerie van Arkel via recruitment@g-nius.nl or 073-61014696.

Veel succes met je intakegesprek

The story of a contract-to-hire professional

Curious if contract-to-hire is the right fit for you or your company? To provide more clarity about this process, we’re sharing the experience of professional Sjoerd Smits. Sjoerd got acquainted with G-Nius in November 2022. Through a contract-to-hire construction, he eventually became an integral part of our client Ciro as a functional manager. In this article, you’ll learn how the collaboration came about and why he chose a contract-to-hire trajectory.

How did you come into contact with G-Nius?

“I came into contact with Frank from G-Nius through LinkedIn. He sent me a message asking if I was open to a new challenge. I receive several of these messages, but unlike many others, Frank hadn’t specified a vacancy or position he was looking to fill.

To be honest, I ignored many of these messages (and still do), but fate had it that I responded to this one. That’s how the ball started rolling, and he sent me a job opening. It caught my interest, and after a phone call, an appointment was set up with the client of the vacancy. Frank facilitated the contact, and clear agreements were made on how this contract-to-hire process would unfold.”

What did G-Nius achieve for you?

“G-Nius facilitated the contact between me and the client and finalized the agreement. We made agreements regarding the contract-to-hire trajectory, expressing the intention to become an employee of the client after 1 year.

I am very pleased that G-Nius found a good match between me and my current employer. From all perspectives, we are happy to have found each other.”

Why did you choose to participate in a contract-to-hire trajectory?

“I chose contract-to-hire because I prefer to be active with an employer for an extended period. It doesn’t appeal to me to go from assignment to assignment. With this trajectory, I know what to expect, and it fits perfectly into my work-life balance.

The image the client portrayed before I joined was something I could align with. Additionally, the current position offers more than enough challenges for the coming years, allowing me to continue developing.”

How do you experience the transition from secondment to a permanent position within the company?

“Little has changed for me, as I still have the same responsibilities as before. I know the people in the company well now, understand how the processes work, and know where to go if I need something or someone.”

Why would you recommend G-Nius?

“Before they start looking for an interesting client, they first ask what’s important to you in your work, what your ambitions are, and what you are or are not looking for in a new challenge. This allows them to better filter what could be an interesting assignment for you.

What appeals to me about G-Nius is their high level of involvement in the collaboration, demonstrated by occasional visits or calls to check in on how things are going. It doesn’t feel like they’ve found a job for you, wish you success, and only hear from you if you encounter any issues.

That personal approach is definitely a plus. They provide good guidance with the transition to the new employer, and everything went smoothly for me. If you have questions, you can always turn to your contact person at G-Nius, and they respond promptly.

All in all, a very positive experience!”

Learn more about what contract-to-hire can mean for you, or contact us for more information.

The people behind G-Nius: Bernadet Miceli

Bernadet has been an acquaintance of G-Nius for a long time. In 2006 she started as a consultant at G-Nius, thereafter she became a client, and, in the meantime, she once again is working as a consultant for G-Nius. It is fair to say that we like to collaborate with a professional such as Bernadet. In this interview, you will learn how the collaboration between both parties started.

As an IT project manager you work at Ceva Logistics. What does your function entail?

In the context of a noticeably big take over we are moving the systems from the business units that CEVA bought to CEVA. Almost all of them are self-built applications, but these are being moved from the data center of the sold company to the CEVA data center. We must reinstall, reconfigure, re-data migrating, etc.

I like my current job a lot. Especially because of the environment and the core team that has a lot of humor. In addition to those aspects of my work, I also like the big and challenging projects on which I am working.

How did you end up working with G-Nius?

From 2004 till 2006 I worked at an energy supplier in Zeeland. A colleague of mine worked through G-Nius, and that is how I ended up at the G-Nius networking events. That is where I met Gijs-Jan and Leo, who was an intern at G-Nius at the time.

From 2006 to 2011 I was an employee of G-Nius, after a break of a year because of my pregnancy and the birth of my twins I started to work as a freelancer through G-Nius in 2013. In 2014 based on a Deta vast construction I started to become an employee at a client of G-Nius. That is where I collaborated with G-Nius as a client instead of a consultant.

Since November 2022 I have returned as an employee of G-Nius.

What has G-Nius accomplished for you?

 In particular, G-Nius has provided me with customer contact, a way in at various parties, and always a good atmosphere. Even if you do not work together, you always belong with the group.

Besides that, G-Nius operates well as a sparring partner. I know that I can call either Gijs-Jan or Leo to help me. It gives me the feeling that I do not have to do things alone.

What has been the best company party or team outing of G-Nius that you attended?

The back-to-work events in September. That is a time where a lot of nice conversations come about. The Binnendieze tour I like as well.

When I was not working for G-Nius I frequently attended the events to stay connected with the G-Nius team. Every time it is like a small reunion where you can catch up with acquaintances and meet new people.

What sets G-Nius apart from others?

I would say the personal involvement and attention. If you call Gijs-Jan or Leo, they pick up immediately. They are available for me whenever. Just the warmth in the involvement. I get calls to check how I am doing and how I feel. Not too often and not too infrequent.

Even the trivial things all year round. A bouquet of flowers if a tile with a sarcastic spell on it for my birthday. That makes it fun working at G-Nius, that personal aspect makes the company valuable.

Even though we do not see each other regularly you still get the feeling that there is an excellent work relationship.

Apart from Leo and Gijs-Jan everybody knows who I am as soon as I call. Bottom line, I feel at home at G-Nius.

G-Nius Back to Work drinks 2023

After a successful first edition in 2022, the second G-Nius Back to Work drinks took place last Thursday, once again at a typical Bossche location. Here, we welcomed both new and existing connections with some snacks and drinks.

Maintaining personal contact is something we highly value. That’s why we regularly organize outings and gatherings for our colleagues, professionals, and clients. This provides us with the opportunity to discover what’s happening both professionally and personally.

To close out the summer, we invited our connections to the Back to Work gathering, an event we added to our agenda last year. The second edition took place on September 28 in one of the coziest and most well-known streets of ‘s-Hertogenbosch. In this lovely location, we enjoyed good conversations, delicious food, and a pleasant atmosphere.

The gathering was a great opportunity to exchange vacation stories, get to know each other better, and expand our network with new contacts. It was a beautiful evening during which it was delightful to see and speak to familiar faces again and to make new acquaintances.

We want to thank all attendees for their presence and conviviality. We hope that everyone enjoyed it as much as we did.

The faces behind G-Nius: Muriel

Since June 2023, Muriel has been a part of G-Nius, enhancing our marketing team with her expertise. Time to get to know her better, so we asked her some questions. Such as what she likes to complain about or what makes her laugh. If you want to know the answers to these and other questions, please read the interview below.

You are a marketing specialist at G-Nius, could you tell us more about your role?
I handle everything related to the website, content, and social media. My goal is to ensure that G-Nius’ website ranks well on search engines and that the right content is displayed. I use content to showcase who G-Nius is and what G-Nius does with the right image. Additionally, I focus on employer branding.

It’s actually quite a broad role, which is what makes it so enjoyable.

You’ve been with G-Nius for three months now. What does your ideal workday look like?
On an ideal workday, I arrive at the office well-rested after a good night’s sleep. I start my computer and make myself a cup of tea. Then, I check my schedule for the day, which I usually prepare the day before. This gives me an immediate overview of what I want to accomplish that day, and I can get started right away. On an ideal workday, I manage to check off as many items from my to-do list as possible by the end of the day.

I also value having fun with colleagues during the day. It creates a positive atmosphere. A bit of stress in the workplace can be good too. Some pressure helps me meet my goals and feel satisfied with the results.

Your role requires a lot of creativity. Where do you draw inspiration for your work?
I often find inspiration from other websites or other companies and organizations, even those in completely different industries, such as online stores. I also gain inspiration from what I see on social media or read in newsletters. I like to actively search for new ideas, keeping an eye on news and trends and thinking about how to adapt them for G-Nius.

What did you want to be as a child?
I wanted to be a stewardess for a long time. When I was younger, I used to go to Zuiderpark in Den Bosch, where there are 6 or 7 airplane climbing frames, and I would play there with my cousins. Ever since then, I always wanted to be a stewardess. I held onto that dream for quite a while, especially the idea of traveling appealed to me. But ultimately, I ended up pursuing very different things.

Have you ever lived in a place other than the Netherlands?
After high school, I lived in the United States as an exchange student in Kansas City. I stayed with a host family and attended a high school there. During my college years, I also did a marketing minor in Málaga. I studied there for 5 months.

What do you usually complain about?
I often complain about my busy family life. Sometimes, it’s so nice to vent and complain with friends or colleagues who also have young children. Just sharing that it was (again) a tough day or a short night can be therapeutic. It reminds you that everyone goes through similar challenges, which can be comforting.

I also complain about myself. I feel like I should exercise more, but I keep procrastinating and then end up nagging at myself.

What little things in life make you very happy?
My children. Seeing my children truly enjoying themselves, like when they sing along loudly to a song or dance without inhibitions, brings tears of joy to my eyes. It’s incredibly touching.

You have young children and a demanding job. What do you do to prevent stress?
When I notice that I’m really stressed, I try to take time for myself. With two young children and a busy family life, I make an effort to step back and recharge. It could be taking a bath, going for a walk, or running. I ensure that I have some alone time, and it can take various forms. Sometimes, I love going to bed early and watching a series with a face mask on. Just truly being alone without social media distractions, only with a book or music; that’s what helps me the most.

If you could choose a hobby that doesn’t require time or money, what would it be?
Once, when I lived in Málaga, I took a surfing course. I think it would be amazing to become really good at surfing. It’s challenging because we don’t live near the sea, but I would love to grab a surfboard and hit the waves after work. So, if I had all the time and money in the world and could choose my location, that would be my hobby. It sounds truly fantastic.

Is there something you’ve wanted to do for years but still haven’t done?
I’ve always wanted to take a long world trip. Before I had kids, I used to say, “I’ll just take the kids with me.” But it never happened. During my college years, I didn’t have much money for such an adventure. And when I started working and enjoyed my job, I didn’t want to leave it behind immediately.

Maybe it will happen someday when the kids are older. But I don’t see it happening in the near future, and I’ve accepted that.

Lastly, what makes you laugh the hardest?
I find videos of people falling down to be really funny. When it comes to office settings, I can laugh a lot at the playful competition among colleagues, especially among the men. We women often watch from the sidelines, but I still find it hilarious.

If you’d like to learn more about Muriel, you can reach out to her by sending a message to mvanholt@g-nius.nl. Or by checking out her LinkedIn profile. This is a great way to connect with her and find out more about her professional background and interests.

Welcome Emma Brabers

After the summer, Emma Brabers joined us as a junior HR Consultant. In this role, she will not only support the Recruitment Consultants but also focus on enhancing G-Nius’ employer branding and optimizing our personnel policies. Emma will be with us until the end of January as part of her studies. We’d like to introduce her to you.

Emma Braber was born in the United States, where she spent the first 4 years of her life. She has been living in the beautiful town of Oisterwijk for over 15 years now. Here, she enjoys spending her free time at the cozy cafes or going for walks in the forest.

Currently, Emma is pursuing a degree in HRM at Fontys University in Eindhoven. As part of her studies, she is completing a six-month internship with us. Her goal is to gain valuable HR experience during this time and learn about the complexities of labor law.

We are looking forward to a fruitful and educational period with Emma.

Interested in doing an internship at G-Nius too? Check out the possibilities at www.werkenbijg-nius.nl.

Are you joining our Back to Work Event?

Have you already signed up for one of our Back to work get-togethers?

At G-Nius, we are fully recharged after a wonderful summer holiday. To round off the summer, we are once again organizing our back-to-work drink.

This gives us a chance to talk to everyone in person and strengthen relationships.

Our Back to Work event takes place in Den Bosch on Thursday the 28th of September..

Would you like to attend? Then register before the 8st of September via the registration form. And feel free to bring a colleague along.

Hope to see you then!