G-Nius Privacy Kit

As we are slowly getting out of this insecure and strange period it is for G-Nius still number one priority to put safety first. This is why we want to introduce our G-Nius Privacy Kit including several tools enabling a safe environment for our clients and professionals.

The Privacy Kit includes a USB Data Blocker which prevents unwanted datatraffic so the charger can be used safely. Besides that there is a G-Nius Webcam Cover to ensure that nobody can use use your webcam without permission. Thirdly it contains a RFID Blocking card to protect adjecent cards like a creditcard within a radius of 5 cm.

The digital world of now is associated with several risks and G-Nius wants to elinimate these risks as much as possible. The G-Nius Privacy Kit ensures a fresh and save start after these insecure times.

Onboarding during Corona

John Goewie:
As an integration middleware specialist in a very broad IT field, mainly in interface and EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), I am often approached by various secondment agencies. Normally i do no trespond to these offers as the majority have an impersonal approach which does not suit me.

I like to have a face-to-face relationship with each other and I also look for an agency who gradually guides and supports me. Moreover, sees me as the person I am and what I believe is essential within a work environment. This was exactly the difference that G-Nius made, in particular their approach and listening to what I was looking for in a new challenge which would make me happy.

It started three years ago when Leo Keller approached me for an informal conversation and we immediately had a pleasant talk. Just to get to know each other and what we stand for in life, what my background in work history has been and that the balance of life and work is very important to me. From that moment on Leo has been in my phone as a contact (which I never do) simply to not forget him and to keep in touch for possibilities in the future.

During these 3 years we have had occasional contact with each other to see where we stand and whether there are opportunities to do something for each other. Never pushy and always in a nice light-hearted manner.

Just before COVID-19 took place we had contact gain. I was already looking for something different in terms of a job with new challenges. At that time, it took me a lot of effort to travel every day throughout the Netherlands. It made me unhappy. The Netherlands has changed and we are stuck in traffic for so long. I wanted to be closer to home and had other wishes.

After discussing my wishes with Leo, he immediately came up with some suggestions that could help me in my current situation.

After 3 years, the right time had finally come to discuss this. I was looking for something special, G-Nius offered. It was an immediate hit with the first job profile. A job that suits me perfectly and also gave additional challenges that I was looking for. Leo guided and advised me throughout this process to this employer.

I quit my old employer and took an extra month of holiday before starting my new challenge.

Then COVID-19 came. That scared me a lot as it gave many uncertanties? Will I still have a job? I just quit my job and took a vacation right during the COVID-19 outbreak and was suppose to start in a new role on short term.
Leo and I kept each other informed during this holiday period  and fortunately, it continued because of the relationship of trust that the employer has with G-Nius, and also in me.

At the moment I work at home for this employer and it is going very well. I am very content and it gives me a nice feeling that I have a supporter like G-Nius. I enjoy my work again and I also have new challenges. In addition, I can support various customers in their path to automation which is energizing for me.

I am convinced that we are going to have a good time and would like to express my thanks to G-Nius for finding my new challenge.

Professionals available | G-Nius

Due to the Corona virus many professionals have become available and are looking for a new challenge, something we are happy to assist in. We currently have several professionals available for temporary and seco-fix roles:

– Software Engineer (C#, ASP.NET, MS Dynamics CRM, SQL) – Eindhoven
– Supply Chain Manager (SAP, ERP, Oracle, PowerBI, SQL, Python) – Sittard
– Projectmanager Logistics (WMS, TMS, JDA/Blue Yonder) – EU
– WMS Consultant (WMS, TMS, JDA/Blue Yonder Discrete, Dispatch) – EU
– WMS tester (WMS, JDA/Blue Yonder, Discrete, Dispatcher) – EU
– Integration consultant (WMS, JDA/Blue Yonder, EDI, Edifact, XML) – EU
– Integration consultant (SAP, MDM, TM) – EU
– Junior System Engineer (MCSA, ITIL, ServiceNow, VMware, O365, Microsoft) – Amsterdam
– Senior Tester (ISTQB, TMAP, ITIL, Selenium, CI/CD, Specflow) – Rotterdam
– Change & Release Manager (PSM, PSPO, ITIL V3) – Den Haag
– Changemanager (Agile, Prince 2, LEAN, PDCA) – Amsterdam
– Senior Scripter (ISTQB, TMAP, ITIL, Selenium, CI/CD, Specflow) – Rotterdam
– Packager (SCCM, Azure, Intune, App-V, O365, W10) – Haarlem

Besides the professionals above, G-Nius has an extensive network of professionals in different fields. We look forward assisting you in your search to the best match for your need.

Interested or would you like more information? Please contact us via +31 (0)73 610 1469 or send an email via info@g-nius.nl

SNA certification G-Nius | 2020

Last week G-Nius had the exstensive inspection of the necessary contracts and documents in order to retain the SNA-certification. We are proud that we, once again, have passed the SNA certification (NEN-4400-1) successfully!

The SNA quality mark limits the risks for both clients and for hirers in the context of the chain liability. For G-Nius an important certification which shows our quality and reliability to our clients.

We are proud receiving this certification and will maintain our high standards in order to succesfully support our professionals and clients.

The Coronacrisis | G-Nius

It has been a month since de first person in the Netherlands was ‘officially’ diagnosed with the Coronavirus. In the meantime there are many uncertanties and situations develop which are new to anyone. These new situations bring no difference in the way we support our clients and professionals.

We do have some extra tips for the upcoming period which we should highlight:
– Make goals for yourself;
– Stay in your rhytm;
– Exercise, it is crucial to remain active
– Keep the 1,5 meter distance
– Read the book you have been postponing
– Give your social contacts a call to maintain a good relationship

By addressing the tips above we can remain healthy and make the best out of this period. Together we will manage the Corona crisis.

If you have any questions regarding our services, please contact one of our Business Managers.

Keep up the good work!

Team G-Nius

G-Nius follows guidelines | RIVM

Following the Corona virus, the cabinet has called for the month of March to work from home as much as possible. This is aimed at limiting further spread of the Corona virus as much as possible. Since March 9, guidelines have been issued for the province of Brabant. The G-Nius office in Den Bosch follows these guidelines.

All G-Nius Business Managers and Consultants therefore work at home. You will not notice this, as we are easily accessible. You can call and email us via the usual telephone numbers and email addresses. We are happy to explain our services and help you with any questions.

Mike Essed | G-Nius

Last monday we had the pleasure to welcome Mike to our team. Mike, 37 years old and living in ‘s-Hertogenbosch has worked in the recruitment industry before. He hopes to support G-Nius in their operations as a succesfull business manager. Mike believes that a qualitative collaboration is based on trust and loyalty. Moreover,  he likes to find out what people really motivates in order to sincerely help them.  Based on this persuasion, he strives to collaborate and add value for business and professional. All this in a pleasant, casual and informal ambiance.

His hobbies are cooking (BBQ), fitness, football and movies.

We would like to welcome Mike and wish him the best of luck in his new role at G-Nius!

G-Nius | Bavaria 2020

Last Saturday G-Nius went to the beautiful village Lieshout to participate in the Bavaria Escape. We were well received with some coffee, tea and for the thirsty ones; Bavaria beer. During the Bavaria Escape the candidates were very fanatic to ultimately win the price they desired, in particular the recipe of Bavaria Beer. After the Bavaria Escape, G-Nius enjoyed each other’s cooking skills and made a variety of dishes including cockles, a good piece of meat and a lot of garlic.

The company outing ended with a final score of 3-0, we watched the football game of PSV-Willem II on a big screen which was emotional for some.

We are looking back to fun day and already look forward to next year!

Press release | G-Nius contributes

Foodbank Limburg-Noord started the new year 2020 excellent. The organization received products and donations from various companies, including G-nius and schools. Chairwoman Gerda van Stelten was delighted with the gifts: ‘’The money is mainly being used for the investments that have direct priority. The replacement of the three motors in the refrigerated rooms alone will cost more than 15.000 euros. Beside that, we are working on the improvement of the storage, working adjustments and the redecorating of all the rooms. We as the Foodbank are really happy with all the donations, big or small. G-Nius from ‘s Hertogenbosch donated several Christmas packages while visiting the Foodbank, a gesture enabling us to make many people smile.’’ The Foodbank is proud of the community and thanks everyone for the amazing donations.

New Intern | Hilde Diemel

My name is Hilde Diemel, 21 years old and I am from Eindhoven. After completing my minor Psychology for Young Professionals I will start as a new intern at G-nius from the end of January. At the moment I study Human Resource Management at Fontys Hogescholen in Eindhoven and I am in the third year of my education. While being an intern I will support Business Managers and do a research.

Enthusiastic, compassionate and eager to learn are qualities of how you can describe me. I am a music lover and I like to go out for some drinks with friends from time to time.