Business day 2022

On Friday 26 November it was time for our annual G-Nius business day. The business day is a moment when we at G-Nius look back on the past year. Together we look at what went well, but also at what could be improved. We will include this in the plans for 2022 that we will also discuss during this day.

This year the business day took place at the meeting location of Meeters in Uden. A beautiful and well-maintained location. Here we took a seat in one of the meeting rooms where, at a distance of 1.5 meters from each other, we looked back on the objective that had been set for 2021. Looking back on the past year, we can happily conclude that G-Nius is still has a strong position.

In addition to looking back, we also presented our new plans and objectives for 2022. During these presentations, there is always a lot of room to give each other feedback. By discussing this openly with each other, new insights are created and new ideas are born.

To end the day we all had a bite to eat at Big Boys Grillmasters in Uden. In a unique and cozy location, we enjoyed delicious dishes from the barbecue.

The business day 2022 was again a success and we look back on a good 2021 with great collaborations. For us, it was also a year in which we all stayed healthy.

We are already looking forward to the new year. A year in which we can work together on new projects and support our clients and professionals again.

Are you curious about what G-Nius can do for you now and in 2022? Please feel free to contact us and our business managers will be happy to explain the options to you. Call directly to +31 (0)73 610 14 69 or mail to