G-Nius | Vestingloop 2019

Last Sunday, May 26, Team G-Nius participated in the 14th edition of the Vestingloop in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. While our challenge last year was to finish the 10 km race, this time our focus was on achieving a fast time in the 5 km race. The weather was great and the atmosphere was once again fantastic. The first time we recorded in the 5 km race was by our professional runner Sven-Olav, who finished in an impressive time of 23.02 minutes. The rest of our colleagues followed, and we can say that we all achieved our personal goals. Besides our individual goals, the most important thing was that as a team, we were able to contribute to a good cause. We look forward to taking on the challenge again next year and hope to have even more participants joining us in running for a good cause.