New CRM software

From now on G-Nius will work with a new CRM software. This software comes from the American company Bullhorn and will improve many functions for us. More than 6000 companies are using this revolutionary system.

With this software we can find the right match for the right vacancy. Due to this development we are capable of matching the right candidate with the right customer in an efficiently and effectively way. And therefore we are better in connecting all parties.

With Bullhorn we can stay better in touch with you. By integrating email and LinkedIn we can offer you the best service. In short, a win-win situation for all parties.

Thanks to this development, we hope that we can offer you a better service in the future.


Model Agreement

G-Nius has its own Model Agreement approved by the tax authorities. This Model Agreement includes all provisions and boundary conditions which the hirers make with the external professionals. Thereby, this Model Agreement is a good match with the practice. With the G-Nius Model Agreement clients can hire in a safe and practical way self-employed professionals.

Director of G-Nius, Gijs-Jan Deenen: ‘by using the Model of Agreement of G-Nius, we can unburden our clients. Now that our Model Agreement has been approved by the tax authorities, we can make sure that both our clients and the self-employed professionals continue to meet the legal requirements”.

G-Nius Business day 2016

On Thursday 24 November 2016, the annual G-Nius business day took place. Together with the business managers there was a review of 2016 and were the new plans discussed with each other.

Every business manager has presented his plan for the next year. And they had to set up an action plan in which is described how he will achieve his goals.

After this productive day there was sociable gathering at the bar of BurgGolf Haverleij in Den Bosch.

G-Nius is ready for 2017!

G-Nius contributes

In the past, G-Nius structurally contributed to charities around the world. Currently we are committed as friends of John in Kenya. Hereby we support Fredric and his son John. John is in his second year of high school, the Chavakali high school. He only can go to school with the financial contributions from charities.

Fredric and Johan live in Chavakali, county region. Chavakali is located in the west of Kenya. In this part of Kenya, the largest part of the population is poor (62%). This means that they live below the poverty line and in many cases they don’t even have access to electricity. Most of the incomes mainly comes from the agricultural sector, however this is not accessible for everyone.

The Chavakali high school has been founded in 1910 and is a boys’ school. The school has a religious background and is only for the children in the neighbourhood.
The founders wanted a safe place for their children. The mission of the Chavakali high school: “quality education for life”.

In Kenya many people have it difficult. G-Nius considers it as a moral act to contribute to a better world by contributing such small projects.